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GrowthHackingIdea is a growth hacking email community with over 20K subscribers, own books, courses and mailing automation SaaS that sells itself and the products automatically.



*Customer support *(1-3 hrs/wk); All the answers are written in a detailed document.
The rest works automatically.


Customer Profile and Segmentation

Our target market is 20 to 40-year-old men (startup founders, CEOs, marketing specialists).
Customers are from 150+ countries from all over the world. #1 country is the USA.

Customer Acquisition

32% of email subscribers came from Facebook Groups, Blog articles (SEO), Guest Posting, ProductHunt, Amazon Books,
68% came through the automated referral funnels.
Customer acquisition is $0.

Customer Retention

Customers are retained by emails that get delivered 3 times a week. Around 50% of the subscribers return at least once a month.

Our subscriber reactivation cost is $0,0001.



  • Own mailing automation SaaS (customers subscribe and pay for it).
  • Automated email referral funnels that generated +225% new subscribers for free;
  • Automated proven money-making sales funnels;
  • Automated email sequence with over 900 epic emails and 12%-40% average open rates;
  • The lowest price in the world for delivering emails (automated integration with Amazon SES = $0.1 per 1000 delivered emails = $100 for 1 million emails)
  • Over 20K email subscribers (growth hackers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, startup founders/co-founders) from 154 countries (#1 from the USA) from companies like Uber, Microsoft, Apple, Indiegogo, Coca-Cola, Disney, Adobe, SalesForce, TechStars, etc.
  • Own course "Get your 10K email subscribers + Earn your 10K USD". (http://growthhackingidea.com/thecourse/)
  • Own 6 books on Growth Hacking on Amazon with over 100 reviews (>4.5 average rating). (http://growthhackingidea.com/amazonurl/?b=https://www.amazon.com/Aladdin-Happy/e/B017228C6M/)
  • Own master-class "The 3 frameworks". (http://ghidea.net/the_3_frameworks/)
  • 2 own secret webinars.
  • Own blog. (https://medium.com/@happyaladdin)


  • You can sell own products through automated funnels.
  • You can sell existing products through affiliates.

Seller Notes

The most sales happen in November - January during Black Friday, Christmas, New Year holidays.


Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.

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About the Seller

Aladdin Shchaslyvyi


Aladdin is an entrepreneur with over 19 years of experience in IT. A bestselling author on Amazon.