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Health and Beauty


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2 y/o Amazon FBA (UK, Germany, France, Italy & Spain) selling Men's Grooming Items w/ $31k annual profit + Inventory
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United States
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Business Description

The seller started as a sole proprietor in June 2017 selling two products: back shaver and replacement blade for the back shaver in Amazon Europe (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain). Seller established an LLC in April 2018 as the business was growing fast. Shavermen is a beauty product company for men.

How does your business make money?

Amazon FBA for UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain

Why should someone buy this business?

This is a profitable and fully automated business that will include: Amazon Listings, Trademark, website, social media accounts (FB, Instagram & Twitter), affiliate program, inventory, bonus ebooks for target audience and email list strategy ready to use.

How can the future owner improve this business?

• The faster way to grow this business is by getting an email append (in order to get real emails from Amazon pass buyers). Add “real email from pass buyers to email list (follow up series is already done in all 5 different languages”, send email offer to purchase replacement blade from own website. Offer other products to those buyers and add buyer to a retargeting list where you offer other brand products in social media or google)
• FB ads (I have a good audience to start doing FB ads and promotions)
• Affiliates: perfect product for affiliates.
• Business Development: partnering with other webstore and resellers to sell products through alternative channels. Potential partners are reaching out to us every now and then.
• Expand product offering.

Business Strengths

  • Brand and Community Loyalty
  • Large Customer Database
  • Low Time Commitment Required
  • Positive Customer Reviews
  • Well Established and Unique Brand

Opportunities for a new owner

  • Introduce Further Revenue Streams
  • Advance or Explore Retail / Distribution Partnerships

Key day-to-day operations

  • Customer Support / Service


Customer Profile and Segmentation

Our target market is 17 to 60-year-old men with an interest in fashion and sports. 56.5% of our customers are from the UK, 16% from Spain and 15% from Italy, 10% from France and 2.5% from Germany.

Customer Acquisition

I don’t have any ads outside of Amazon. I only run PPC in Amazon.

PPC from Product #1 Back Shaver: ACOS 35% (it can be better didn’t have time to improve it for the last couple of months)

Product #2: Don’t need any PPC or promo, as buyers from product #1 need to buy #2, so they look for it on Amazon. When we run of stock on product #2 we receive a lot of messages asking when are we going to have more products.

Customer Retention

We don’t do anything to retain a customer right now as they come back to us to buy replacements. I do send an email (in Amazon message/email Blast) once a month with a 10% off to buy replacement blades. Our email blast list is +8000 “pass buyers” with an open rate of 23%.



Seller Notes

Product #1 Back Shaver is kind of seasonal (May to October are the higher months) October to December are medium and January to April are low.

Product #2 Replacement Blades is more stable with a constant growth.

Product count is 5. Back shaver and replacement blades are private labels with trademark. The other 3 products are "Print on Demand Products" which means we don't have to buy any stock, it's automatic and everytime someone buys one of those 3 products a company will print it, ship it and it will give us a commission.

On May 2018, I tried a new strategy that’s the reason why profit is low that month.

I ran out of stock in September which was terrible as it is usually one of my best-selling months.
Since November I have been involved in other projects and haven’t had time to focus on Shavermen. I didn’t plan for Christmas or even check my sales and on December 13 someone reported my listing as I was selling other seller’s brand (which is ridiculous as I have a trademark on my brand), but I didn’t find out until December 16. It took me 2 days to prove to Amazon that it was a mistake but when I had my listing active again it was December 18th so I basically missed Christmas.

I use Manage by Start for everything. I’ll be happy to send you all information regarding these 2 products from Manage by Start during the previous year.

I will do 10 days post-sale support.

I will introduce you to my accountant in the UK if you need it.

Amazon FBA storefront links:
Spain: https://www.amazon.es/dp/B01N177XVK?ref=myi_title_dp
UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B072336LXT?ref=myi_title_dp
Germany: https://www.amazon.de/s/ref=bl_dp_s_web_0?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=Shavermen&index=beauty&search-type=ss
Italy: https://www.amazon.it/s/ref=bl_dp_s_web_0?ie=UTF8&search-alias=aps&field-keywords=Shavermen
France: https://www.amazon.fr/s/ref=bl_dp_s_web_0?ie=UTF8&search-alias=aps&field-keywords=Shavermen

Social Media Links:
FB UK: https://www.facebook.com/ukgoodlookingmen/
FB Spain: https://www.facebook.com/consejosbellezahombres/
FB Italy: https://www.facebook.com/Uomini-consigli-di-bellezza-1190967477714158/
FB France: https://www.facebook.com/Hommes-conseils-de-beaut%C3%A9-142064579844696/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shavermenpro/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Shavermenuk


  • Domains
  • Inventory on hand or on order at the time of closing
  • Registered trademarks
  • Relevant email accounts
  • Social media accounts

Social Media


Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.


About the Seller

Private Seller


United States

The business owner has 10 years experiences in International Commerce in EEUU, Europe, Asia and Latin America. This has molded her global perspective in ecommerce, trade, logistics and transport economics. The diversity of her experiences is not only limited to these markets and disciplines as it is equally represented at the operational and technical levels including e-commerce, import/export, commercial and business development. Her analytical, technical, operation and communication skills have helped her create successful projects and achieve results throughout her career.

Linkedin: available upon request

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