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Well Established High Authority Long Term site Made $4850+ is for sell

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Multiple 1.5x
Well Established High Authority Long Term site Made $4850+ is for sell
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1 to 10
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Note: Where the business is less than 12 months old the annualized data represents total sales for the period of operation.

Recent Performance

Month October 2018 November 2018 December 2018 January 2019 February 2019 March 2019 April 2019 May 2019 June 2019 July 2019 August 2019 September 2019
Revenue $0 $0 $0 $0 $24 $135 $1,844 $1,237 $409 $377 $416 $444
Expenses $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10
Net Profit -$10 -$10 -$10 -$10 $14 $125 $1,834 $1,227 $399 $367 $406 $434
Month Pageviews Users
October 2018 96 7
November 2018 84 58
December 2018 104 42
January 2019 469 240
February 2019 1,028 643
March 2019 2,217 1,531
April 2019 18,952 11,020
May 2019 14,467 8,873
June 2019 5,371 3,814
July 2019 7,083 4,559
August 2019 9,119 6,246
September 2019 9,228 5,975

Note: Traffic data was provided on 01 October 2019. Enquire for more recent data.

Business Description

Surveyexperiences.com was created to help people know where to get complete guides and instructions to take part in the Sweepstakes and Surveys. The niche is very wide and CTR and CPC are also very good because most of the traffic comes from the Tier-1 countries.

The Niche is evergreen because every year the sweepstakes deadlines increase for a year. The site has also potential to sell Coupons and multiple affiliates products with brand collaborations.

How does your business make money?

Currently, the Site is monetized with Google Adsense, but new buyers can also start affiliates like selling coupons and multiple CPA related offers to earn more money from it. In last 6 months, the site has generated over $4850+ only from Google Adsense

Why should someone buy this business?

Survey & Sweepstake websites can be big moneymakers if you put in the time and effort to build and grow them. Visitors are already looking to get deals and free coupons from sweepstakes reward stuff, you just have to put the right "stuff" in front of them. Here is what I would suggest:

1) New Buyer can integrate Coupons and lightning deals to earn affiliate revenues

2) Social Media Marketing will also an option to promote sweepstakes because people are always looking for free stuff

3) With better SEO and content the site ranking goes very well and thought 90% of traffic is from tier-1 countries the CPC is very high and CTR is also very Good in this niche. (Which you can see from the traffic states and it's monthly earnings)

Why are you selling this business?

The main reason to sell this site is, I need to invest a good amount of money in my other Projects

Business Strengths

  • Evergreen Niche
  • Low Time Commitment Required
  • Passive Revenue
  • Scalable Business Model
  • The Business Is Currently Growing

Opportunities for a new owner

  • Launch New Products
  • Introduce Further Revenue Streams
  • Develop New Features

Key day-to-day operations

  • Content marketing


  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO


  • Domains
  • Website files, source code and content

Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.


About the Seller

Bhavyachandra Joshi

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I have a 3+ Year Experience in Digital Marketing Industry and sold few wel established longterm websites in past.