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Travel & Lifestyle blog that needs a new home and TLC
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July 2019 3,667 2,985
August 2019 3,822 3,026
September 2019 1,852 1,530

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The site is a Travel & Lifestyle blog that has not been updated in quite a long time but still receives steady traffic. Definitely could grow with some time spent on the site.

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This is a good hobby site if you're interested in this niche and could turn into a great source of passive income.

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I bought this site ~8 months ago and simply haven't had time to work on the site at all. Hate to turn around and sell it but I don't think my schedule is going to free up any time soon, so would love to pass this on to someone who can take care of it. I do not have any financial information for the site as I did not add my adsense code


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John Hutcherson

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United States