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Dragify.com is an US based web builder/hosting business, that was started in late 2016. It was shortly acquired from the original owner and relaunched in April 2017. The brand has expanded it's offering as well as setup new marketing channels. Dragify’s focus is to offer customers an easy way to build, market, and host their own sites for themselves or for clients.

Dragify’s web builder tools come in 3 forms. The Standard HTML Builder, the Pro HTML Builder, and the WordPress Plugin and starter theme. Each comes with their own pre-made blocks from which customers can drag and drop sections so they can build their own sites and pages.This makes for a very interesting opportunity for the right buyer.



  • Customer support (1-3 hrs/wk); about 10 tickets per week. Most are about getting started and how to access hosting/tools. Also, there is a hosting partner which handles tickets specific to the hosting clients that they manage.
  • General Administration (0,5 hrs/wk); Approving orders, domain name management for customers.

Marketing and Business Development

  • Marketing, (1hr/week). Reaching out to vloggers, bloggers, Apple news/tech websites, influencers, content creators. Recently an affiliate program has been set up. This could be helpful for the promotion activities.
  • Business Development (0 hrs); more time should be spent on business development. There are interesting options to explore such as partnering with web sites, deal sites, and resellers for other sales channels. Potential partners are reaching out to us every now and then to run certain specials.


Customer Profile and Segmentation

Our target market is anyone that is looking to either 1) create a single website for themselves or 2) website designers/agencies that build sites for others and want an easy tool to do so.

Customer Acquisition

Customer have mainly been acquired primarily via running deals through deal sites. One of the main benefits of this listing is that all contact info will be sent to the new owner so that new deals/pricing can be established to continue ongoing sales. These contacts are also good sources for setting up new deals on other properties or services you may already have and want more exposure on.

Customer Retention

Customer are retained by advertising new products and sending out promotion via a mailing list.
The mailing list currently has 4000 active subscribers. I occasionally will send an affiliate offer for a tool or service that will complement their web building experience or to expand on their online marketing efforts. This is typically a few hundred dollars up to a few grand, depending on the offering being promoted. I try to limit this to 1-2 a month and only send out offers that would help what they are currently doing and not just spamming anything that comes up.



  • Source code was purchased but 100% owned, so new owners can modify and do what they want to expand on the current tools.
  • Freedom to run business from anywhere in a world
  • Multiple potential ways to grow business worldwide plus expanding through other sales channels (ie. affiliates, product launches, cross selling)
  • Perfectly situated to be turned into a full circle website creation, management, marketing suite business.
  • WHMCS run backend for hosting and for taking orders.


  • Marketing/exposure. Focus on a specific area or location (i.e. South America) There is a large market there. Or just market as a worldwide brand.
  • Business Development; partnering with other webstore and resellers to sell products through alternative channels
  • Expand product offering: there are a few tools that have not yet been added but opportunity is there. These will be explained to the new owner.

Seller Notes

This listing is not just simply for a web builder tool.

You are getting a full marketing suite of tools that the new owner should expand on to maximize growth from the existing customers plus all new customers.

Notes about assets for sale:
1. Dragify.com domain name and brand
2. Current database of customers, email lists, and all current outlet sales contact info so that you can continue the sales relationship with current vendors I have in place.
3. Full licensed code for:
- Standard Builder - 44 pre-made blocks (code no longer supported but if you are a developer you can do what you want to it)
- Pro Builder - 300+ pre-made blocks (This is the latest version and is still supported, meaning updates are ongoing) (You can opt to renew the license yearly for $600 or just modify the code however you want).
- I acquired a license for a WP builder tool from which you can again, build out the way to want, expand on what it offers/does. Great opportunity here to even make this a stand alone WP plugin builder tool ie. BeaverBuilder.
- There is a new theme in development which will give Dragify WP users a quick way to select from pre-made templates. Currently, there are 3 pre-made designs. There is a developer making this available for 50/50 on sales of just the theme. You can continue this relationship if you want. You can also create your own theme and sell it as part of the Dragify WP plugin. There are many options here to make another profitable stream of income.
4. Two additional domain names where the builder tools reside.
5. Expanded Income Source #1: We have built in a SEO Scan tool which is another source of income. This can be sold independently or as part of the Dragify experience.
6. Expanded Income Source #2: I have recently added a GDPR SaaS tool to the mix. Again, this can be sold independently or as part of the experience. Separate domain.
7. Expanded Income Source #3: Heat Tracking SaaS tool. I have acquired a license for a Heat Tracker tool that I have yet to setup and sell. The service is fully working, there is just not yet a sales page or funnel setup yet so that it can be marketed. Compare this to services like: CrazyEgg or Clicktale. Again, this can be sold independently or as part of the experience. Separate domain.
8. Expanded Income Source #4: Landing Page Builder Tool. I also have a license for a Landing Page builder SaaS tool. This could also be setup to be an additional builder service that could be sold as an Add-On to Dragify customers. I just never got around to setting it up properly.
9. Enom and Namesilo domain name reseller accounts. Will need to figure out how to best transfer this. Most likely you just take over my accounts and change to your info. Approx 600 annual domain name registrations between the two.
10. There are approx 1500 web hosting customers with 98% are lifetime access. The hosting plan they have is bare bones cPanel access with 4GB of space total and no security features (SSL, Backup, etc..) This is a $20 add-on currently. The way this is setup is ~500 with an outside 3rd party that manage the accounts. ~1000 from another 3rd party that hosts the accounts but is managed through Dragify WHMCS interface. ~150 internal hosting accounts that I manage through a reseller account of my own. So, only ‘responsible’ for 150 hosting customers. The others are supported by the 3rd party provider and they have their own support login accounts to handle tickets.


  • Full Tech Stack
  • Webstore
  • Personal Support After Sale
  • Existing Brand
  • Email List
  • Customer Database
  • Associated Domains
  • All Site Content and files

Post sale support

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Rob Boirun

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United States

Rob is a serial entrepreneur and always building online businesses. After studying Business Management in College, he went up the ranks in Management of a well-known retailer. In the early 2000’s, he discovered online marketing and has not looked back. Today, he runs many online niche products and helps other businesses with their marketing in addition to creating side businesses offering SaaS products in various industries. He has previously started and sold 3 other SaaS businesses. His passion is doing the market research, finding a solution, and getting it set-up and profitable.