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Tasty Tie® (Momtrepreneur, LLC)

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Multiple 3.0x

+ $56,000 Inventory

The First Wearable Baby & Pet Teething Ties! A stylish and multi-FUNctional teething solution.
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Note: Where the business is less than 12 months old the annualized data represents total sales for the period of operation.

Recent Performance

Month August 2020 September 2020 October 2020 November 2020 December 2020 January 2021 February 2021 March 2021 April 2021 May 2021 June 2021 July 2021
Revenue $10,658 $9,107 $9,384 $17,521 $13,479 $5,170 $5,851 $17,036 $6,345 $5,675 $6,709 $8,632
Expenses $10,693 $9,323 $9,789 $11,955 $12,240 $11,054 $5,446 $4,993 $4,954 $5,099 $5,697 $4,959
Net Profit -$35 -$216 -$405 $5,566 $1,239 -$5,884 $405 $12,043 $1,391 $576 $1,012 $3,673
Month Pageviews Users
July 2021 15,742 4,976
June 2021 41,309 5,242
May 2021 32,791 5,369
April 2021 35,254 7,967
March 2021 49,815 10,359
February 2021 22,118 3,921
January 2021 24,551 5,154
December 2020 23,397 5,773
November 2020 24,312 5,487
October 2020 17,226 4,988
September 2020 21,350 5,818
August 2020 19,624 5,428

Note: Traffic data was provided on 10 August 2021. Enquire for more recent data.

Business Description

Business Summary - Owner feels very passionate about the business, but is very conlicted with young kids, homeschooling and very little time to spend on growing the business or attending more than 1 tradeshow a year. This is a unique opportunity for someone to triple the business almost instantly working just 10-15 hours per week, outsourcing logistics and expand global distribution channels. Owner has laid a strong foundation and established a new category in the baby/toy industry and has provided excellent quality products/customer service to many happy customers and retailers around the US. Owner can only work less than 8 hours per week and finally realizes that she needs to let go of the business, so someone can help it reach its full potential. Price includes, 2 domains (www.tastytie.com & www.teethingtie.com), Momtreprenuer, LLC, equipment, photos/logos/marketing/tradeshow materials & social media accounts/google analytics accounts.

Brief History:
The mom-Invented and patented baby teething tie (Tasty Tie) was created and launched in September 2018. I had had an “aha” moment after watching my 6 month year old son chewing on his daddy’s tie. I invested 65K of my personal savings to create/launch the business and I am 100% debt free and cash flow positive. Owner is conlicted with young kids, homeschooling and no time to spend on growing the business or attending more than 1 tradeshow a year.

Business Structure:
Single-member LLC with mom-owner having 100% equity. Erin (owner) is the only employee.

Product Details:
The flagship Tasty Tie product is the world’s first wearable baby teething tie. The tie is a stylish and multi-FUNctional solution that prevents the constant dropping of most teething toys. It clips onto any baby outfit safely and securely, providing endless stimulating CRINKLE entertainment! The boy products fill a much needed gap in the boy accessory market and the product has been very well received both B2B and B2C.

Since launching in 2018, the owner has expanded the boy accessory line to offer baby milestone tie stickers, toddler bowtie’s, men’s ties that all match in pattern to fill the gap in the “daddy & me” offerings in the market.
In June 2021, the company launched the world’s first wearable pet teething tie which is currently patent pending. The product was created after the demand from so many pets getting a hold of the baby teething tie and loving it. So far, the product has been very well received in the market just on the B2C website and hasn’t even been launched to wholesale at trade-shows yet.

Product detail costs below: * Products currently manufactured in China.

Baby Teething Tie - $3.10 cost, $7.99 wholesale & $16.99 MSRP
Pet Teething Tie - $2 cost, $5.50 wholesale & $11.99 MSRP
Milestone Stickers - $1 cost, $3.99 wholesale & $9.95 MSRP
Toddler Bowties - $2 cost, $4.99 wholesale & $10.99 MSRP
Daddy 100% Silk Tie - $5.80 cost, $12.99 wholesale & $28.99 MSRP

Social Media Accounts: Included in sale. Tasty Tie FB account has 1,698 followers and Tasty Tie Instagram has 5K followers.

Sales Channels:
Direct-to-Consumer - Shopify website, Amazon FBA, Google shopping, Etsy and Walmart Marketplace.
Wholesale - Shopify website, Faire, Tundra, Handshake, Lemonade Stand Rep Showroom at AmericasMart.
Trade Shows attended - AmericasMart (B2B), ABC Kids Show (B2B) and Shopping Spree Holiday Show (B2C).

Inventory, Patents/Trademarks sold separately: Currently has 56K worth of product (cost price), which would be equate to $105K in B2B and $210K in B2C in sales.

Equipment/Marketing Materials: Including label printers (2), labels (2000), retail displays (250), 2000 labels, 1 baby mannequin, 1000 packaging inserts, 200 bubble mailers, 60 corrugated shipping boxes, 2 tradeshow banners and standup popouts and custom tablecloths (2). ($2,250)

Financial Info:
Total sales are $269,287 since she launched. (This # does not include the $5K in sales just generated from a summer Faire market, which has not hit our quickbooks yet).

1st year (2019) - Sales $79,459 with net earnings of $11,559 (B2B: $72,119 B2C: $6,630 AmazonFBA: $2,427). She launched mainly focusing on wholesale business in order to get into big box quick to protect from other large brands from potentially trying to knock us off right out of the gate before patent was approved.

2nd year (2020)- Sales $139,239 with net earnings of -$8,339 (B2B:$49,569 B2C:$41,066 AmazonFBA: $48,604) . This year was difficult as we faced all of our current retailers closed and $9,000 worth of purchase orders were canceled from the January AmericasMart tradeshow due to the pandemic. Owner had to pivot all of her time and money on digital marketing (paid facebook/google ads) and 100% focus was selling direct-to-consumer with little experience and uncertainty.

Year-to-date (8/10/2021)- Sales $56,102 with net earnings of $12,800 (B2B: $23,904 B2C:$12,200, Amazon FBA: $20,109). This year has been interesting as owner was not able to attend the January Americasmart wholesale tradeshow, but now she plans to attend the September ABC Kids wholesale show. She had to let go of the digital paid Ad company in June since they were not doing much and wasting a lot of money. Owner just got the ties into a large childrens permanent showroom in Atlanta and have a large B2C trade-show in Nov (that was pre-paid for in 2020) that will last for 2 weeks. Overall, I expect to finish out this year at sales of $150K+ for 2021 without having to order more product until next year. Now that I have a consistent and healthier net margin (since June) above 20% and a gross profit margin around 60%, I do not expect that to fluctuate. Holidays are the majority of our revenue currently.

How does your business make money?

Tasty Tie makes money from selling products B2C and B2B through Shopify, Amazon FBA, Etsy, Faire and Tundra. Trade-shows are also a great way to make fast money especially around the holidays. *The owner hired a digital advertising company last year to focus on B2C (since she had launched only focusing on wholesale) and found out they were not doing much, so I fired them in June. The owner has not had the time nor childcare to attend but 1 show a year due to the travel demand of her husband's job. Since launching she has had little to no product returns. The owner is the only employee and uses upwork or hires contractors for side tasks.

Why are you selling this business?

I need to focus on my family as I start to homeschool my children. I would just hire people to run the business, but I do not enjoy managing people amongst the full time management of my children :). I also can be a bit controlling, which I feel has kept me from growing the company faster. I've realized that this company needs someone who is not affraid of growing the business quickly and taking charge. As much as it is hard to admit, I know this company could triple once someone else is in charge. I just laid a strong and steady groundwork and it is now ready for someone to take it to the next level.




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