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SEO Friendly 9yr Old evergreen Radio directory website. Net Profit $3127+by AdSense and with13000 + post & 2 domain
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United States
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Month June 2020 July 2020 August 2020 September 2020 October 2020 November 2020 December 2020 January 2021 February 2021 March 2021 April 2021 May 2021
Revenue $44 $36 $42 $40 $47 $43 $45 $46 $32 $51 $42 $40
Expenses $150 $130 $125 $120 $140 $145 $130 $150 $150 $170 $150 $160
Net Profit -$106 -$94 -$83 -$80 -$93 -$102 -$85 -$104 -$118 -$119 -$108 -$120
Month Pageviews Users
May 2021 10,754 2,962
April 2021 9,951 2,106
March 2021 18,165 3,895
February 2021 17,779 3,255
January 2021 12,092 3,111
December 2020 10,604 2,824
November 2020 11,541 3,320
October 2020 12,365 3,168
September 2020 9,708 2,853
August 2020 9,816 3,041
July 2020 8,491 2,475
June 2020 9,350 3,458

Note: Traffic data was provided on 19 June 2021. Enquire for more recent data.

Business Description

Seller's Notes:

A HUGE opportunity to get into the highly profitable online Radio station. This website could very well make you rich if managed correctly 9 years old domain.

It is a huge Platform. The site already appropriately 13000 Plus radio station posts. This site already 13.3K keywords in Google rank. It is a great opportunity if you are ranking in more Keywords in google, then it will be a massive return through Google AdSense.

About Free Radio Tune:

I have started this website back on June 12 of 2013. Spent a lot of time on it in the first couple of months, building the core of it and writing articles for backlinks. Most of the important are I focus on more add radio stations in my directory. Free Radio Tune is one of the largest live online radio portals where you will get all the radio stations at a glance. It's an enormous platform, and here is a perfect opportunity to rank this site.

Free Radio Tune It's more than +13000 Radio Stations are there! Almost all are SEO-optimized posts.

What am I selling here?

I'm not selling only a site here. I'm selling an incredibly potential business, a hidden niche you can make good money from. I will provide you keywords that are meager competition and AdSense CPC as high as $3 Plus.

The Idea

The site ranks on the first page of Google; you get highly targeted potential Radio Lover listeners online. Today's generation is too busy with their work, so online radio is a significant opportunity to free radio worldwide.

Did I implement it?

I worked with several radio stations back in 2013. The considerable income potential and incredibly easy it is to make money here start enormous, and I started building this site.

How easy is it to make money?

The idea sells itself! The audiences like it! The radio is more popular all over the world. It's like an international service provider. It's an excellent opportunity to earn money through Google AdSense and Ad sales and guest posts, paid promotion, etc. Many potential keywords are there, so if you target some keyword, you can get a lot of traffic there, and hopefully, you get a lot of money there. You provide them the value they provide you money.

How easy is the niche?
It's an online radio directory. Most of the country the like listen to radio online. It's a 9-year-old domain with a site that has 11,100 pages listed in Google and is semi-established for over a year. It would be best if you worked for strong link building and create a good number of backlinks and start promoting and generating cash.

A good SEO knows how important it is for SEO to have that many pages indexed for an aged site.

I have previously ranked the site in several countries. Some keyword Ranks dropped because I only built a couple of backlinks and let the site collect dust. The most crucial site needs to more good backlink; I have a problem with funding, that's it. Honestly, It's a big project; I can't handle it because of good funding.

Does the site receive traffic?

The site receives 300-700 visitors a day (refer to verified analytics data) without promoting it. A highly targeted keyword gets 6000 Plus visitors a month and a CPC of $3; the Keyword is exceptionally targeted to look for a specific online radio. The site gets visitors from keywords like these.

Paid Tools Overview:
Ahref: Check the Free Radio Tune ahref overview – Click
Semrush: Check the Free Radio Tune Semrush overview – Click
Moz: Check the Free Radio Tune Moz overview – Click

I will provide
1. Keywords that are extremely easy, researched by me
2. Assistance through Skype
3. Help you understand the niche and how to do SEO
4. Full SEO Plan

Premium Domain:

Two more premium domain are -
freeradionetwork.co.uk: 13 years old premium domain. DA- 14 UR- 18 Backlink – 3.44k Check overview click
freehindiradio.com: 11 years old premium domain. DA- 10 UR- 13 Backlink – 514 Check overview click

Website features
• Radio stations

• Sorting by genres/countries
• Cross-Browser responsive design
• 13000 + Post
• All SEO based posts (URL friendly links)
• And more.

What is Included:
• Freeradiotune.com domain name
• FREE site transfer.
• Website and database backup files
• Ownership of Facebook and all other social media pages.
• 1-year FREE email support regarding your site.
• I Give you HUGE SEO Competitor analysis. Give you the Last five years' organic Keyword, backline, and more.
• freeradiotune.com has Blogsite also. which is https://freeradiotune.com/blog

• Two more Premium domain which currently redirects to freeradiotune.com
• premium domain that is https://freehindiradio.com & http://freeradionetwork.co.uk

Huge Google Page index:

www.Freeradiotune.com it's a huge Google index. It's more than 11,100. It's fantastic and helpful to grow up the site by continuing.


• SEO friendly site links
• Geo-targeted radio station
• Translator on site
• customize website design
• UI & UX Optimization
• Share to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook Share

Monetization Methods/ Unlimited Potential Income :

• Google Adsense - Advertisements on your site will earn you money every time a customer clicks on the ad.
• Sales on Amazon - All music albums and tracks products are authentic Amazon products. Every music track sold on this site will earn you a 5-10% commission on each sale.
• This website also earns revenue with Advertising Sales. It is recommended to request for website related advertisement more.
• The example of guest posts for email enrichment.


Why do I push myself?
This because I have a problem with funding, and I'm busy life? I need hard money to recover my present problem. I have started. Hopefully, it will be a significant opportunity for someone to push higher the site, and he or she also top of obtaining this opportunity.

How does your business make money?

Monetization and make money from there -
• Google Adsense
• Sponsored post
• Guest post
• Amazon affiliates

Why are you selling this business?

I have started a new startup and two other projects and figured it's challenging to provide time for each of them. 2 of my projects grew big, among which one is eating up all my time, energy, and energy money. I had to stop developing the rest of the projects because the other project was getting bigger. I couldn't handle it but stop everything else, and I'm low on cash.




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100 email addresses

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