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Wino Nights

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Food and Drink


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Multiple 1.7x
FBA Amazon Seller with a bonus start up website! Trademarked company with a lot of opportunity!
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Business Description

Wino Nights is trademarked. A website that was created in 2015. Transferred to a shopify platform last year from Volusion.

Sky is the limit with this niche as wine and wine accessories never gets old. A catchy name, trademarked to be branded on Amazon. This business has only really utilized one-two vendors at a time via drop shipping or FBA. Was established with very, very part-time maintenance. And also was done very manually...Opportunity for growth is definitely available with more auto-generated expertise, marketing guru, and some TLC. Amazing sales on Amazon for the holidays!

Sale transaction would include the following:
Trademarked Wino Nights
Shopify site www.winonights.com
Amazon store front
Current Inventory in Amazon FBA
Vendor contacts/established relationships
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blog accounts
Any existing marketing tools (ie, sign, bus cards, etc)

2 for 1 Deal= A start up website on Shopify platform called, iheartgirlythings.com. Drop shipping automation already set up through Oberlo and Alibaba. Just needs to be marketed! Comes with a FB and Pinterest account.

How does your business make money?

This business is mainly an Amazon seller store front. Has the potential to be more established with doing local venues, or marketed more with the right connections through social media. Also, since it is trade-marked, if you're looking to create your own branded products, that is one less step. Wino Nights is branded with Amazon as well.

Why are you selling this business?

Family obligations...a full time mother with 3 children..I've done what I can to grow this at a very, very part time obligation, but am unable to continue keeping up. (Please see Buyer letter for history)


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Jenna Connors

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