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Outreach by O3 collects customer satisfaction data automatically via text messages for more reviews and instant feedback
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Revenue $965 $965 $965 $1,255 $1,255 $1,255 $1,255 $1,014 $724 $1,304 $1,014 $724
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March 2021 1,842 139
February 2021 1,733 84
January 2021 1,539 109
December 2020 1,694 95
November 2020 1,015 164
October 2020 1,289 138
September 2020 1,392 103
August 2020 1,373 85
July 2020 1,423 81
June 2020 1,550 82
May 2020 1,396 159
April 2020 2,272 79

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Business Description

Outreach has sent over 850,000 automated text message surveys on behalf of our customers, gaining them deep insight into how customers perceive their businesses, boosting their online reviews fantastically, and giving business owners tools to evaluate employee/customer interactions on a one-on-one basis.

It's a simple idea: businesses use Outreach by O3 to automatically ask the customer "How did we do?" via a text survey after any significant interaction, and the Outreach engine walks the customer through a quick conversation of up to 3 texts. The data from the customer's responses flows in real-time back to the company's dashboard, and if the customer had a good experience they are prompted to leave an online review.

Our plans range from $99/mo to $549/mo, with an ARPU of $262. Profit margins on each account are typically north of 80%. Once set up, customers can manage their account by themselves and everything is automated.

The customers that have used O3 use phrases like "I'm blown away" and "This detailed of feedback is game-changing." For the small to medium service business that interacts with many customers during the day (think pest control companies, car dealerships, tradesmen, etc.) with a distributed workforce, Outreach by O3 is insight, data, and a business advantage that they've never experienced before.

How does your business make money?

We are a pure subscription SaaS play. Our customers are automatically build every month (Stripe) for their accounts, with monthly subs ranging from $99-599 (ARPU: $262).

Variable costs are limited to the carrier fees incurred by the text messages themselves and the rented phone number, which are typically as low as 10-20% per account. (Example: a biz subscribes to the $249/mo plan and sends ~$30 worth of text messages in a month.) We have some low fixed costs (application hosting, email, etc.) that amount to about $200/mo, and have also reduced costs there recently to increase SDE.

There is a turnkey opportunity here to simply create an acquisition funnel and begin building a truly impressive, high margin business.

Why are you selling this business?

We have had this business on autopilot for over a year now with our focus elsewhere. We love the idea and it has proven very popular with our customers, but we lack the skills necessary to market the product and know that it needs a new owner to make it take off.


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