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Multiple 3.3x
Website offering WordPress services and hundreds of guides since 2014
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1 to 10
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Recent Performance

Month April 2019 May 2019 June 2019
Revenue $212 $144 $69
Expenses $0 $0 $19
Net Profit $212 $144 $50
Month May 2019 June 2019 July 2019
Pageviews 36,081 28,127 21,139
Users 27,633 21,601 16,793

Note: Traffic data was provided on 23 July 2019. Enquire for more recent data.

Business Description

ThemeSkills.com is in the WordPress niche, offering services and quality, comprehensive, and original posts on its blog.

How does your business make money?

The website makes money from its services, AdSense ad, guest/sponsored posts, and affiliation programs.

If you don't mind allowing "dofollow" links in the guest or sponsored posts, it can potentially make a lot more money, since those requests are never lacking. I haven't allowed that until now.

I've never really focused too much on passive income, so that's low.

Why should someone buy this business?

The website has a decent amount of traffic, which is constantly growing. 90% of the traffic is organic.

I've been working with SEO for over 7 years now, so it has good on-page SEO. I only used white-hat SEO. Never sold or bought links for SEO purposes, never used PBNs, and so on. So, there are 0 risks of Google penalties.

The guides on the blog are comprehensive, original, and of quality. Most of the older posts have been updated.

The site also has a YouTube channel with 76 video guides that generated extra 2.4K views in the last 28 days.

The site also has good potential to generate leads if you have WordPress or website-related products that you want to promote.

Or, if you want to offer WordPress services, you'll already have a very good base to start with.

How can the future owner improve this business?

The site can be improved in the passive income area. You can potentially improve the revenue by adding more AdSense ads (currently, there's only one), allowing less restrictive guest or sponsored posts, adding more money-making content, such as reviews, listicles, etc. I mainly wrote tutorials on the blog.

Marketing can also be improved. It was never my strong point.

Why are you selling this business?

I want to sell the website mainly because I learned PHP recently. I created my first project, and I want to keep going down that path. I want to focus more on creating my very own custom projects. The second reason is that the WordPress industry is constantly growing and so does the competition, on all levels. So, it's getting harder to keep up, especially for someone working alone and without marketing and promoting skills like myself.

Business Strengths

  • Key Words Ranking
  • Evergreen Niche
  • Passive Revenue
  • The Business Is Currently Growing

Opportunities for a new owner

  • Launch New Products
  • Introduce Further Revenue Streams

Key day-to-day operations

  • Content marketing


  • Google Adwords
  • SEO


  • Brand assets
  • Domains
  • Relevant email accounts
  • Social media accounts
  • Website files, source code and content

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Radu Sgardea

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I've been working with WordPress, SEO, and websites in general for over 7 years now. Most of the time, I've been offering WordPress services and blogging about WordPress.