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Profitable, established, stable moving lead generation business. Over $500k in profit over 5 years.
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Revenue $15,455 $26,605 $24,459 $27,469 $36,515 $32,353 $17,683 $27,309 $41,069 $38,081 $39,656 $28,561
Expenses $10,501 $18,797 $20,021 $23,319 $31,773 $29,153 $16,481 $24,476 $31,830 $26,283 $24,886 $20,038
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November 2020 20,514 10,475
October 2020 24,366 11,975
September 2020 24,687 12,478
August 2020 27,399 14,279
July 2020 23,877 12,746
June 2020 21,659 11,763
May 2020 26,582 14,519
April 2020 25,713 13,979
March 2020 25,264 15,041
February 2020 19,988 11,168
January 2020 19,367 10,661
December 2019 15,142 8,186

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Business Description

Since 2010, we have been providing moving quotes to the US market through a network of modern, attractive web sites that have been optimized to maximize conversions.

We utilize custom built, proprietary technology to deliver the leads to manage and validate incoming leads, generate insightful reports, allow affiliates to securely view their statistics, and sell leads to the highest bidder. Our moving providers utilize a simple to use dashboard to fully manage their accounts, from depositing funds to tweaking their lead campaigns.

We have been working with many of our affiliates for years and have strong, established relationships with both our lead buyers and sellers.

Business Model

The main premise of the business is the exclusive buying and exclusive or shared selling of residential moving leads (a lead, in this case, is defined as a person interested in receiving moving quotes from moving companies) to a network of moving lead buyers that are known as aggregators or wholesale lead buyers. These aggregators, in turn, sell the leads directly to moving companies. We generate 95-99%+ of leads in-house utilizing a highly optimized Google Ads campaign that targets potential customers in high-demand locations (generally, major metropolitan areas) throughout the United States.

Our advertising campaigns through Google direct potential leads to our sites, such as moving.biz, to a form that requires them to fill in basic information, such as their name, anticipated move date, size of the move (e.g., 2 bedroom house), and from/to zip codes. The entire process of directing visitors to our sites and collecting their information is fully automated.

After the lead is captured, it becomes visible in our lead generation platform. We manually review each lead for accuracy and determine who should receive the lead by “pinging” all of our partners and then “posting” it to the highest bidder. This is known as a ping-post bidding system. When you ping a partner, you do not send any personally identifiable information, but rather only what is necessary for them to determine their bid to receive the lead exclusively. During the post to the high bidder, the personally identifiable information is sent.

Moving companies are able to manage their accounts via the Leadgrab.com dashboard. This dashboard is the self-service marketplace platform that allows moving companies to deposit funds, specify criteria for their moving campaigns to receive leads from us, and then activate their campaign. We use our manual review process to send them leads based on the campaigns they setup, whether or not they have funds deposited to cover the leads, and if the campaign is active or not.

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How does your business make money?

We generate revenue in two key ways:

  1. Selling moving leads we capture exclusively to moving lead gen aggregators (essentially, bigger versions of ourselves). We sell to aggregators in areas where we have limited demand with our own moving network.

  2. Selling moving leads directly to moving companies, which is sold upwards of 4 times on a shared, non-exclusive basis. This is the preferred method of selling leads as it is more profitable than selling leads to aggregators.

Why are you selling this business?

I am a partner/CTO in a much larger affiliate marketing company. I am offloading all smaller businesses so I can focus on my main business exclusively.


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  • Custom technology
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