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Heat Press Machines Direct

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HeatPressMachinesDirect is a profitable drop shipping store that was formed based on the Drop Shipping Lifestyle course.
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October 2020 1,672 748
September 2020 1,473 542
August 2020 1,939 612
July 2020 2,216 741
June 2020 1,723 652
May 2020 2,054 829
April 2020 1,914 794
March 2020 1,863 807
February 2020 2,488 1,111
January 2020 2,430 1,215
December 2019 2,118 1,100
November 2019 3,400 2,018

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Business Description

HeatPressMachinesDirect.com is a profitable drop shipping eCommerce store that now has organic traffic without the use of ads. We've generated over 70K in revenue in 2020 compared to 2018-2019 revenue of $49,290.32 representing a 51% YoY Growth Rate. This is a large ticket drop shipping store in a niche that is not highly saturated. There are only 2-3 competitors so it is very easy to get a sell with how we've setup the site and added 'urgency' to order process.

How does your business make money?

We make money from partnerships with our distributors who drop ship the heat presses once ordered from customers that visit the site.

Why are you selling this business?

My hobby is building out concepts, wether that be SaaS or eCommerce like this site, I like to try new things out. This site is one of a couple hundred that I own and honestly I'm trying to sell my entire portfolio to focus on my career. While this is not a huge time consumer, when you couple it with 100+ other sites, it can get overwhelming.


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Josh Loe

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United States

I'm a serial entrepreneur and have launched and sold many companies. I like to have an idea, put it into action and see if it can be profitable. Then I decide to keep on with it, or use the profits to focus on another idea to launch.