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Revenue $10,909 $15,826 $15,268 $9,052 $13,724 $7,089 $9,189 $4,100 $2,000 $9,250 $9,304 $7,822
Expenses $3,500 $3,500 $3,500 $3,500 $3,500 $3,500 $3,500 $3,500 $3,500 $3,500 $3,500 $3,500
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October 2020 824 561
September 2020 674 451
August 2020 736 415
July 2020 913 628
June 2020 845 393
May 2020 1,131 374
April 2020 1,525 483
March 2020 1,664 474
February 2020 964 506
January 2020 1,210 617
December 2019 775 481
November 2019 1,290 754

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Business Description

After 15 years, it's hard to fit the scope of opportunities with this website and business.

It's a multi-tool. The new owner will need to decide on their level of ambition. Do you want passive income and just take it easy for a few grand a month in revenue (mostly profit)? Or do you want to be aggressive and get to $10,000-30,000 a month in your first few months?

I've done both and have extensive strategies that I'm happy to guide you through to float or run.

Let's start with the reputation online. 50+ five star reviews on Google for multiple locations. Then there's the dozen or two reviews on Facebook.

15 years of blogging content that attracts traffic to this day without any effort from you.

Depending on your niche, the business can be COVID-proof. All staff are contractors and operate remotely, inside and outside the US.

Personally, I'm a veteran web programmer and marketer in addition to being an entrepreneur. So I have personally trained all my staff. An operations manager, assistant, advertising manager, programming team, design team, server administrators, etc...

You would be in very capable hands surrounded by a team of people that literally operate the company for you. You just have to decide how to do your sales to grow more, and to do quality assurance - which is mostly being a person with a brain and an understanding of general professional standards. Does it look nice to you? Does the report make sense and answer your questions? Etc... Put yourself in clients' shoes.

The last two years I've weaned my involvement in this company as I pursued a new company I started with my wife. BrittanyHillStudios.com - which is our passion.

The industry is very stable, it's really easy to find new business in addition to the organic leads that trickle in, or more if you're doing any form of SEO or advertising.

I'll equip you with all the infrastructure, introductions to staff, vendors you may want to work with, extremely detailed strategies to grow, etc... I love guiding and teaching people, so I'm happy to hang around a while to get you going.

I'm a good man, who loves people and seeing them succeed. I want to give the business to someone who is excited to carry the baton.

How does your business make money?

We've generated revenue many different ways. The new owner would need to decide if they want to generate it passively, aggressively or somewhere in between in order for me to recommend the smartest way to generate more revenue.

If passively, you could just check in with existing staff to manage existing clients. Probably 5 hours a month of work or less.

If aggressively, oh man, so many ways. Especially if you have some capital to invest into advertising and marketing efforts.

Historically main revenue stream has been website development, advertising and SEO.

In the last 24 months photography and videography have also brought in a good chunk of revenue, but that requires someone who has those tools and skills, whereas the other services just require a motivated owner / operator because I already have all of the staff available to execute any work that comes in, and according to a clear process.

If you wanted to focus on blogging, building a remarketing list, collecting emails from visitors, selling ad space, you could definitely get advertisers - especially if you generate MORE content. Although it's not something I've ever pursued.

Why are you selling this business?

I've started a content marketing agency that specializes in commercial videography and photography: BrittanyHillStudios.com - my passion.


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Spencer Hill

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United States

Both personally, and professionally, it is my desire to utilize my resources to influence people.

Specifically, to influence them to live the healthiest lives possible personally and in business. Furthermore, to influence them to grow their businesses as if it were as simple as a basic math equation.

Beginning with my life, my wife, my children, and beyond.

I have over 14 years of experience as an owner and partner in several business that range from internet marketing and web and app development, to physical goods in the lifestyle industry.

My primary focus is operating ThePortlandCompany.com - which offers business and marketing consultation and strategy, website development, advertising management, social media management, photography, videography, digital design and more.

Personally, I have extensive experience in everything from digital design, programming / scripting languages, sales and marketing, management of small and medium sized teams, and executive responsibilities and am expanding my skill set into photography and film production.