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Paleo Living Magazine

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Multiple 1.4x
Paleo Living Magazine - available on iTunes store - no code app with legacy Magcast license
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Revenue $799 $0 $856 $1,409 $0 $475 $787 $0 $426 $921 $0 $903
Expenses $83 $145 $196 $155 $228 $205 $96 $96 $96 $96 $110 $110
Net Profit $716 -$145 $660 $1,254 -$228 $270 $691 -$96 $330 $825 -$110 $793
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December 2020 3,876 1,791
November 2020 4,635 2,265
October 2020 6,893 3,003
September 2020 5,743 2,329
August 2020 4,384 1,815
July 2020 2,930 1,188
June 2020 1,256 422
May 2020 1,376 410
April 2020 1,823 446
March 2020 113 53
February 2020 0 0
January 2020 0 0

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Business Description

Paleo Living Magazine is a magazine on the iTunes store, website and social media centered around the Paleo diet.

Currently the Magcast monthly cost is $29 a month and the normal price is considerably higher. The license allows for two apps. One is Paleo Living Magazine and the other is Healthy Recipes Magazine - free on the Appstore. You can also expand listings to Google Play without additional cost for Magcast.

No coding is required but with app updates an upload for Xcode is required. There are tutorials for each step of the process for uploading the magazine. The process involves copying and pasting codes and a summary of the most recent issue.

One issue is done and waiting to be published. I have recipes for another issue as well.

My mom was in the hospital last year and I haven't spent much time with this business and needs someone to revive the business(es).

The website changed names from paleolivingmag.com to paleolivingmagazine.com. I also had a contractor upload some articles from archived issues. There are still 100s of older articles and recipes that could be used on the website.

Most people are turning to Paleo for autoimmune issues, bridge diet after Keto or people with dairy and/or gluten sensitives.

I find topics by reading a number of health blogs and keeping up on new health trends and studies.

How does your business make money?

Commissions from Apple for being listed on the iTunes store.

Why are you selling this business?

I'm selling off all of my extra project online assets and focus on one business at a time.


  • Brand assets
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  • Social media accounts
  • Website files, source code and content
  • e-Commerce platform accounts

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190K monthly viewers

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