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Opencart Themes Club

Business Model


Asking Price
Multiple 1.9x
Customers pay USD monthly subscription fee for access to download Opencart Themes and read tutorial , blog to learn develop website.
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Facts and Figures

United States
Date of Founding
Full-Time Staff
10 to 50
Annual Revenue
Annual Expenses
Annual Net Profit
Note: Where the business is less than 12 months old the annualized data represents total sales for the period of operation.

Business Description

Pavothemes has 7 years working in Opencarts, is a subscription-based business generating income with little to no input required. Users subscribe and are billed monthly.

How does your business make money?

We develop Opencart Modules and Opencart Themes and release them in monthly. The site has big customers with long time doing business with Opencart Club

Why should someone buy this business?

This time, we are overload of works and would like to focus new business. We would like to sell this website and all products listed on there.
If you are a theme club or eCommerce SAAS, you can get big number of existed customers in website, and continue to make it get more great.

How can the future owner improve this business?

Ways to improve and expand the business include - creating additional content, engaging in online marketing and SEO activities. You can get million dollars as we did.

Business Strengths

  • Customer Service
  • High levels of Automation
  • High Profit Margins
  • Large Customer Database
  • Overall Market Size

Opportunities for a new owner

  • Launch New Products
  • Develop New Features
  • Increase Basket Size Per Customer

Key day-to-day operations

  • Customer Support / Service
  • Design & Production
  • Programming / Development
  • Content marketing


  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • SEO


  • All Site Content and file
  • Customer Database
  • Partnerships and Enterprise Sales Agreements
  • Manufacturing Function

Social Media


Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.

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About the Seller

Ha Cong Tien