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I Love This Diet is a dietitian-approved diet plan that focuses on supermarket frozen meals and portion-control.
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Business Description

We are the supermarket frozen meal specialists and we love to help our members reach their health goals.

I Love This Diet has been around since 2011 and originally began as an e-book, helping dieters make healthier choices by shopping for our dietitian-approved foods. But of course, our community wanted more. Thus, I Love This Diet became a membership website, offering diet tools like a Food Journal, Shopping List, Restaurant Guide, and much more.

When members sign up, they’ll choose what to eat from our specially-approved lists of frozen meals, recipes, and snacks, along with fruit, vegetables, and dairy. 

We have a strict nutritional grading system that allows our members to enjoy only the healthiest frozen meals that will help them on the path towards long-term weight loss.

Portion-control and daily food journaling are just a couple of the magical ingredients that make I Love This Diet effective and beneficial, since it transforms our members' lifestyles one day at a time.

On the front end, this website has helped thousands of people lose weight over the years.

On the back end, there is a TON of features that make the website comprehensive and interactive.

Every feature of I Love This Diet, designed and configured on Drupal, was custom-made by the Team to take the guesswork out of dieting and to make weight loss easier for customers.

Most, if not all, features of the website at automated, making this one of the BEST ways to make passive income.

Once a customer purchases, the system creates their account, sends them to the Getting Started series, offers video tutorials, and more.

It has been such a pleasure seeing people lose weight with I Love This Diet!

As for sales, we currently earn them via social media and our 1 affiliate. In the past, we were VERY successful with PPC campaigns and retargeting campaigns, especially with customers who used to be on Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and Nutrisystem.

We also own the blog BestDietTips.com, which we use to send traffic and potential sales to I Love This Diet.

Best Diet Tips is also a part of this package! BestDietTips.com is a wordpress health blog that features diet reviews, articles, and diet calculators.

There is so much you can do with these 2 websites so they can continue helping people reach their health goals.

How does your business make money?

I Love This Diet offers 3 membership tiers: 6 months, 1 year, and Gold (which never expires).

6-month: 49.97
1-year: 59.97
Gold: 119.97

When a membership expires, dieters are offered the chance to renew for half-price.

Why are you selling this business?

There is a TON of potential here! Because the need for this type of product will never go away, customers will always be available. However, the founder and original designer of the site passed away and I Love This Diet could use a makeover to bring it into the modern internet age.

Personally, I inherited the business out of loyalty to its founder, but I am looking to go back to my career in higher education. I have been running the business on my own since 2019, but have been a part of I Love This Diet since 2012. I've been happy to see that it continues to help people. However, I know that I Love This Diet needs to be and do more.

At the very least, an app needs to be built, the splash page needs to be redesigned, and the various features could be upgraded.

Conversion rates have gone down this year and COVID-19 was certainly a key factor in that. However, before the pandemic, I Love This Diet was a 6 figure company!

In fact, our peak season, summertime, was pretty profitable for us in 2019. Of course, Flippa only gives access to the last 12 months, but I'd be happy to send over spreadsheets to show that I Love This Diet was very successful in Q1, Q2, & Q3 of 2019.


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