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This website has it all for people vacationing with pets: pet friendly hotels, beaches, parks, restaurants, vets, expos, stores for all U.S. city. 100s of blogs. Pet News Radio.
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This site has listings with booking capabilities for pet friendly hotels in the US. The travel guides include all else pet friendly for all US cities. Podcast interviews, hundreds of blogs of where to go and what to see with your pet.

How does your business make money?

Commissions from hotels. It is an Online Travel Agency. Can easily add listing capabilities such as airbnb for pet friendly only. Also can add advertisement space.

Why should someone buy this business?

This site needs revamping but even so, without doing any marketing for 5 years, gets 700 monthly. With a little marketing and refreshing. this site is a gem. which is why I have held onto for so long. The potential is enormous. I own a PR and marketing company and can help you get going if you would like. The market is huge for this. Add a pet product store, do more Pet News Radio interviews, social media and this site is a goldmine.

How can the future owner improve this business?

The site needs a brand refresh and some marketing. I never did any social media except for a post here and there on Facebook, but have 2600 followers. Market it and you will walk away a winner. All the blog posts are optimised.

Why are you selling this business?

I held on to this site thinking I would get around to refreshing it but never have. I own a PR & marketing business so my time is limited. If you buy this site, you will become obsessed with it, as there are so many ways to make money.

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Lisa Porter

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United States

I own porterpr.com, a 22-year old public relations and marketing firm that specializes in getting companies in the news. I started vacationpetfriendly as Pet Hotels of America and rebranded it after getting in the LA Times four times, Associated Press, Yahoo News, Peter Greenburg etc. I started the website in 2010 as a side interest and brought it to life. Then I eventually rebranded it to Vacation Pet Friendly. At that point, I was unable to put so much time and effort into the site, even though as Pet Hotels of America, I had reached Google page 1 position 4 because of the on page SEO and media coverage. During this time, I was also raising my daughter on my own. I'm am now working at not being such a workaholic and perfectionist.