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Mature and profitable SaaS product in the auto dealership industry.
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United States
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Full-Time Staff
1 to 10
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Note: Where the business is less than 12 months old the annualized data represents total sales for the period of operation.

Recent Performance

Month March 2019 April 2019 May 2019
Revenue $52,793 $48,143 $45,047
Expenses $26,854 $25,883 $24,809
Net Profit $25,939 $22,260 $20,238
Month Pageviews Users
June 2019 1,374 441
May 2019 3,636 977
April 2019 3,667 977

Note: Traffic data was provided on 13 June 2019. Enquire for more recent data.

Business Description

Motorlot is a mature and profitable SaaS product in the auto dealership industry.

Established in 2009 and incorporated in 2011, MotorLot provides an all-in-one solution for independent car dealerships to grow their businesses and increase deal flow. The all-in-one offering includes website templates, marketing software, inventory and contact management, and accounting software. MotorLot has strong industry partnerships, including an exclusive agreement with AutoTrader that generate steady and reliable revenues. The business employs a team of two full-time and one part-time staff who will transfer along with the Business.

With very strong financials, MotorLot presents a highly attractive acquisition target. With 193 clients and the average lifetime value per client at $3,790, the business has strong unit economics and a myriad of growth opportunities.

MotorLot maintains strong ARR growth at 74% over the trailing 2 years:

$750,239 (for period 7/01/18 - 6/30/19)
$550,205 (for period 7/01/17 - 6/30/18)
$430,057 (for period 7/01/16 - 6/30/17)

How does your business make money?

Revenues come from multiple monthly, annual, and one-time plans. In addition, to subscriptions, MotorLot allows meter-based pricing on marketing services like automated Craigslist posts.

Why should someone buy this business?

Established, mature company with a strong customer base. Low churn and high lifetime value customers with minimal support requirement.

How can the future owner improve this business?

Inside sales team

SEO and Content Marketing


Product and service improvements

Service contracts

Why are you selling this business?

The owner is a highly motivated seller looking to shift focus to other projects and investments.

Business Strengths

  • Brand and Community Loyalty
  • Customer Service
  • High Barrier of Entry to Market
  • High Profit Margins
  • Low Time Commitment Required

Opportunities for a new owner

  • Launch New Products
  • Improve Current Marketing Efforts
  • Advance or Explore Retail / Distribution Partnerships

Key day-to-day operations

  • Managing Staff
  • Bookkeeping
  • Design & Production
  • Launching New Products


  • Email Marketing
  • Partnerships
  • SEO


  • Brand assets
  • Contracts (written or verbal) with customers and suppliers
  • Custom technology
  • Customer databases
  • Domains
  • Hosting accounts
  • Marketing materials and collateral
  • Policy and Process documents
  • Registered trademarks
  • Relevant email accounts
  • Social media accounts
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Vendor contacts
  • Website files, source code and content
  • e-Commerce platform accounts
  • Google Adwords

Social Media


Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.



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