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+ $1,279,984 Inventory

Over 1.2 Million in inventory! Sale includes BrandnameHQ.com marketplace and ownership of 417 premium .com domains.
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Month August 2019
Revenue $650
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Net Profit $650
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June 2020 2,554 944
May 2020 1,591 535
April 2020 1,677 633
March 2020 2,204 558
February 2020 2,414 609
January 2020 1,552 525
December 2019 4,891 1,848
November 2019 794 318
October 2019 1,280 556
September 2019 1,345 516
August 2019 756 154
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Business Description

Do you have expertise in marketing, startups, or domain investing? If so, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy more than four-hundred brandable .com domains for pennies on the dollar. Priced for quick sale. The impact of the virus on the short-term market has been taken into account with the low asking price. Reserve is at minimum bid.

Sale includes the BrandnameHQ.com marketplace + ownership of 417 premium .com domains! Total listing prices of domains is $1,279,984. Full list of included domains in attachments or go to the website.

Running the business is easy:
- The website is static HTML. Hosted free at Netlify. All listings can be updated by changing a single file.
- Payments and escrow go through Dan.com by default so you don't need to worry about chargebacks or transfer headaches.
- All domains are in a single registrar account at Dynadot. This account will be transfered to the buyer.
- Sedo.com and Dan.com accounts will be transfered. Domains are listed on both for exposure and buyer convenience.

Other great things about the business:
- Our niche is {BRAND}HQ.com domain names. Because you own hundereds of the best choices, you have influence on the price expectation of the market. We have priced these domains reasonably, many sellers want over 20K for a single great {BRAND}HQ.com.
- {BRAND}HQ.com domains are a proven choice to use a great brand without the exact match domain. Many startups have used BRANDHQ.com domains to build multi-million dollar businesses. EX: An app, SaaS, or product can use the name "Shark" and the domain "sharkhq.com".
- There is growth opportunity to acquire new brands as they are dropped.

Full list of included domains in attachments.

  • Domains may sell during listing period. The winning bidder may reduce the selling price by the listing price of any domain that is sold and still in the listing at time of offer. All domains and prices are in the attachment for reference.

How does your business make money?

You are buying a turn-key brandable domain name marketplace. Selling domains is the business model.

All domains are listed on the website and the two biggest domain marketplaces: dan.com and sedo.com. Transfers are easy, all sales go through third party escrow so you have no risk of chargebacks or fraud. This also results in much less work during the transfer process and increased buyer trust.

I have not invested the time to market this. I have a SaaS in the emergency space that has keep me very busy lately. Selling this to avoid distractions. I have only tried a few small Adwords and Facebook Ad tests. The one sale came from a person who typed the domain in and wanted to buy it before I finished the marketplace.

Why are you selling this business?

I am not a domain investor. I got into this business by accident while working on a startup. I was trying to find a great name and found out many startups were using {BRAND}HQ.com domains as a way to get a great brand for a reasonable price.

I am a startup guy and I have another SaaS business in the emergency space that requires my full attention and investment right now. Taking offers for this business since I am distracted.

The full story:

At my last startup we struggled with branding for months. We filled out contact forms, made offers, called salesmen, and even considered leasing a domain. We had a budget of five thousand dollars, but single-word brandable domains where often priced well over $100,000. Even less-desirable domains were often way out of our price range.

I created Brandname to share our solution with other founders. {BRAND}HQ.com domains are the easiest way to get a great brand for your startup without breaking the bank. It's a proven solution that has been used to launch many multi-million dollar businesses.




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