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WordPress Mobile Pack is one of the top mobile plugins on WP.org with over 1,100,000 downloads. WPMobilePack.com is where we sell premium progressive web app themes ranging from $19 to $49. We also sell these PWA themes as bundles (5, 10 or all): $99, $249 or $499 (yearly licenses).

Targeted towards WP bloggers/newspapers/magazines, the .com has around 6,000 users per month, most of which come from WP.org.

MailChimp Subscribers: over 15,000.
Premium Accounts (~150 on Stripe, ~700 on PayPal).


In terms of operations, WordPress Mobile Pack requires at least 1 WordPress Developer to keep updating the plugin and the existing PWA themes.

An additional marketing person is required to keep running various campaigns, but mostly to keep feeding the blog with fresh content.

Support is offered via WP.org forum, e-mail or Intercom.io (chat on our website). We usually have 1-2 requests per day at support.

Seller Notes

One important detail: we haven't really invested in Google Ads or Facebook Ads. We did however invested in content marketing and that's why WP Mobile Pack grew organically.

Just by searching on Google: "wordpress mobile pack" it will return on the first position the WordPress Mobile Pack repository on WP.org and on the second position WPMobilePack.com.

During the past years there have been a lot of guest-posts on WP-related publications such as WPLift.com, WPMayor.com, Torquemag.io and more.

More details can be provided to serious bidders upon request.

WordPress Mobile Pack comes with 14 Progressive Web App Starter Kits built with ReactJS, Angular 1 and Sencha (legacy). 6 more PWA starter kits are under-development, available at pre-order ($19).

We can assist the winning bidder with tech expertise to ensure a smooth transition. More details can be provided to serious bidders upon request.


  • Transfer Stripe/PayPal accounts
  • MailChimp subscribers
  • Transfer the WP Mobile Pack GitHub repositories including all PWA themes
  • Access to social media accounts
  • The list with all-time customers of WP Mobile Pack
  • WPMobilePack.com (domain + website + blog)
  • Access to WordPress Mobile Pack plugin available on WP.org

Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.


About the Seller

Ciprian Borodescu


I'm Ciprian Borodescu, CEO at Appticles.com - the company behind a series of mobile products including WPMobilePack.com, PWACommerce.com and PWAThemes.com.

We started contributing to the open source version of WordPress Mobile Pack (https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-mobile-pack/) back in 2016 and at the beginning of 2017 we started selling the premium version of the WP plugin on WPMobilePack.com.

Our CTO, Alexandra Anghel, has been speaking at some of the WordCamps in Europe (Bucharest and Athens): https://wordpress.tv/speakers/alexandra-anghel/

At the beginning of 2018 we started another venture in a totally different space which takes a lot of our time and resources. While we loved working on WordPress Mobile Pack and building superb Progressive Web Applications using ReactJS, AngularJS or VueJS, we realized that we no longer have the time/resources to further grow the plugin. That's why we're looking to sell it to another team that is able to continue our work.