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Zebias - Zero Biased review based blog, 4 yr aged domain. Earning since 2016 from Amazon USA, Canada & UK.
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Month June 2019 July 2019 August 2019 September 2019 October 2019 November 2019 December 2019 January 2020 February 2020 March 2020 April 2020 May 2020
Revenue $926 $976 $636 $810 $803 $737 $860 $569 $135 $223 $438 $143
Expenses $8 $8 $8 $8 $8 $8 $8 $8 $8 $8 $8 $8
Net Profit $918 $968 $628 $802 $795 $729 $852 $561 $127 $215 $430 $135
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May 2020 3,757 2,698
April 2020 6,137 4,230
March 2020 2,158 1,398
February 2020 0 0
January 2020 0 0
December 2019 0 0
November 2019 0 0
October 2019 0 0
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Business Description

NOTE: I acquired this business in October 2018. Unfortunately, due to my own neglect, I lost the Google Analytics account access (it was under a different email address and the previous owner deleted it!). This is a legitimate site and unfortunately, I made a mistake.

I do, however, have Google Search Console data and history I can provide. I can also provide traffic (and revenue) from 2016 - October 2018. See screenshot below for proof.

Obviously, the revenue figures from Amazon Associates screenshots speak for themselves. If you have questions, ask in comments below.

  1. Seller Bio

My full-time career is in Digital Marketing. I've been creating websites for almost 6 years. I've started lots of sites and acquired others so that I could develop them.

Sometimes, though, my other sites take off and this takes up most of my working time. Which means other starter sites are more or less left alone. I usually come back to these sites but recently, I've become a new Dad and I'm facing the reality that the time I have for work each day is limited.

Admittedly, I am reluctant to reduce my portfolio of websites. But I have to do it as some of my sites are getting the attention they need.

This particular website was acquired with enthusiasm but it's barely been touched since. I'm accepting that, although it's in a great niche and I could better monetize this, I probably won't get around to it. And thus, the sale...

  1. Executive Summary

It was started in early 2016 and was consistently earning from November 2016. (I bought it in 2018 on EF though)

Regardless, it has been a fairly steady earner for years now.

The only issue with this site is that it's been neglected in the past 4 months - not even just in not having content added but I've simply been too busy to maintain or even check the site.

This was ultimately the reason why I decided to sell. I could just let the site truck along, making whatever it will but it seems a shame to just let it die from lack of person attention.

  1. Highlights

The best things about this website are:

Age. It's an established site that's been around for 4+ years, with a recognizable, brandable domain name

Passive. This website had very little work done on it after creation and yet, it managed to earn revenue for years. The information about this topic doesn't change much so once you post content, it has staying power for years to come.

A lot of room for growth. One of the main reasons I haven’t sold the website before is because I know I haven't fully tapped into opportunities for growth. For example, there are a lot of fairly low competition keywords relevant to the niche that could be targeted.

I've kept this on my back burner hoping I had the time so I could grow it to its full potential but now that I know I simply don't have the time, I'd love it to go to someone who could capitalize on the following opportunities:

Low competition keywords: There are still a lot of low competition keywords in this niche that could form the basis for a profitable content marketing plan.

Backlinks and promotion: Another thing I don’t have the time to do backlinking which there are definite opportunities for.

One of the easiest quick wins would be to simply add ads. I never found the time/attention to even add and play around with Google Adsense for the website. The new owner could increase earnings simply by adding Adsense or going for Ezoic, etc.

Overall, the site is in a very hungry, evergreen niche that has plenty of opportunities for monetization and still many low competition keywords to go after.

For someone who has the time or the team in place to upgrade the site, it can be a very passive and steady earner for years to come.

  1. Operations

The amount of time I've been spending on the operations of this website adds up to maybe 1 to 2 hours a month max, which is basically what it takes to upgrade themes and plugins.

For the new owner, I think there are two options:

Keep site as-is. Although the website has lost traffic and earnings from its prime, it is still trucking along and earning a steady revenue. If the new website owner would prefer to keep it as is, he/she can simply upgrade themes and plugins to maintain the site.

Improve the site for better earnings. If the new website owner wants to take the website to higher levels, I'd recommend regular, monthly additions of content (1-2 articles) and updating the main articles that drive the revenue each year.

  1. Customers

Customers come to the website mostly through Google (organic traffic). I haven't done anything to retain customers.

  1. Financials

The website has financial records dating back to 2016. It is monetized with Amazon Associates. As mentioned, I've never added Google Adsense on it but this would be a good monetization option.

For a quick glance, here are the basics of how the site has performed over the years: (Please refer to video for more data).

2017: $4,748

2018: $4,028

2019: $9,120

***I purchased this website in October 2018 on a different marketplace. I can provide all information and assets I have relating to this acquisition including financials and traffic.

  1. Seller Notes

Overall, this is a solid site with a proven history that was created with very high quality, in-depth content but has not had enough promotion and optimization done for it to perform as well as it could.

There is still a lot of room to grow. Yes, it's been rather neglected for the past couple of months. Still, it definitely has potential and I'm hoping it'll go to a good home, so to speak.

Also, if you're interested in learning more about my approach with these

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