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Ago G5

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Health and Beauty


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Multiple 8.0x
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United States
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Business Description

This business was originally started back in 2014 through the first owner. The first owner built a big brand Ago G5 and came out with three types of vapes, the regular, the jr. and a triple use. The jr. has been discontinued. The original website was a landing page that directed visitors to another website where they could buy the products. The website was kept like this for four year while the brand kept getting bigger.
Fast forward to April 2018. I revamped the website by turning it into a Shopify eCommerce store and doing SEO on it. The original owner had done quite a bit of work on the marketing side. With my 7 years of SEO background, I started organizing the websites structure for visitors and search engines to understand it better.
The vaping/cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries right now. I have set up the website to be fully drop shipped but that's a model that can be changed. The business operates on a 45-120% profit margin depending on the product.

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Why should someone buy this business?

Ago G5 is a successful e-Commerce business is perfect for any individual who is looking to get into e-Commerce, someone who has experience growing an online business. This business is even great for someone who has a business in a similar industry and is looking to expand their portfolio.

Ago G5 is perfect for someone who has a bit of knowledge about the growing vaping/cannabis industry. It is a turn key business that has positive cash flow with a great ROI. This industry has a high margin of profit. The website currently sells a small line up of vaporizers. It has a tremendous upside potential to add new vapes, new products like apparels, accessories and even other products like glass smoking accessories.

How can the future owner improve this business?

  1. Social Media Marketing (Never done any of it)
  2. Email Marketing (Never did any of this)
  3. Continue doing content marketing (
  4. Continue to do SEO
  5. Display Banner Ads (Never did any of it)
  6. Affiliates
  7. Add more Vaporizers and Accessories
  8. Add smoking items too
  9. Add CBD products
  10. Create your own brand through white label
  11. Drop Ship/Wholesale for other businesses
  12. Increase revenue per order

As you can see, the potential to 10x this business is there.

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Business Strengths

  • Key Words Ranking
  • High Profit Margins
  • Low Time Commitment Required
  • Turn-key Operations
  • Overall Market Size

Opportunities for a new owner

  • Launch New Products
  • Capitalise on the Emerging Market
  • Increase Basket Size Per Customer

Key day-to-day operations

  • Customer Support / Service
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Content marketing


  • Affiliate Marketing
  • SEO
  • YouTube Advertising



  • All Site Content and file
  • Customer Database
  • Partnerships and Enterprise Sales Agreements

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About the Seller

Alex M

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United States

My name is Alex and I live in Los Angeles, CA. I've been doing SEO for the past 7 years on various websites and different industries ranging from cannabis/vaping to local businesses. I am currently in the process of selling 4 websites in my portfolio to make time for the other two websites I am trying to fully devote my time too. The sale of this website will be used to fund the marketing for my other two websites.