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YUM eating used to be a profitable recipe creation and cooking blog where I worked with sponsors and ad networks.
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April 2020 283 247
March 2020 269 169
February 2020 232 162
January 2020 250 176
December 2019 256 187
November 2019 195 134
October 2019 225 164
September 2019 201 146
August 2019 34 30
July 2019 170 138
June 2019 188 158
May 2019 447 370

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Business Description

YUM eating was established in 2013. I was writing for Detroit Examiner and had a health food channel and later wrote content for CBS Local: Detroit. At the height of its popularity it was a full-time job and making my family $1000s a month and working with some pretty prominent brand names.

Domain name, registered since 2013 expires 8/2021 its currently on Namecheap and will will transfer it to your provider.

Domain Value : $1,154

Facebook page created in 2012 (
with 2398 likes and 2376 followers

I will make you and admin after sale and remove myself & all of my personal information so that you will have full access

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/itsyumeating/

IG page is very new, but I will give you the password and login and you are then able to go in and change all the information & I will remove it from my list of IG accounts. I do have a back up of the photos since they are personal and you’re welcome to delete them or leave them there for klout.

Tumblr https://www.tumblr.com/blog/yumeating

Is not very old. I created it when I thought I might come back to the food blogging world. There is only 1 follower.
What I will do is add you to the admin and then remove myself and it will show up in your tumblr account. I will always be a subblog though it will never be your main account. If you would like to create an Tumblr with the yumeating brand what I will do is change the name of my blog to yumeating2 and then you can sign up with tumblr and create your main blog as yumeating. Then I can still transfer this one to you and you can have a backup or just one to share ideas to or whatever. If you don’t want it, I will just delete it since I will no longer be associated with the brand.

At the height of the food blogging income Yummly became very popular and they even had their own recipe plugin.

I will give you the logins and you can go in and change names/emails and such and work on building it up again. Things have changed a lot over here so I am not sure if people are still using it.


I made 3 sales and have 21 admirers. Open since 2018. There are 40 free listings left on this account.

I will give you the logins for the Etsy site once I have your information, have removed mine. Due to the nature of this website it will be handled a bit differently so that I can be sure all my banking and paypal information is gone as well as all of my previous listings.

I will leave the branded products (recipe cards, shopping lists) on here and you are welcome to use them.

If you would rather just set up a brand new Etsy account, I think I can change the name on this one one more time so that you can have the YUMeating brand.

Bulk of my pageviews came from Pinterest as the blogger groups I belonged to. I haven’t written anything new in years so the site is stagnant and there aren’t many pageviews anymore.

You will not get the website full of content. Because I worked with reputable brands creating one of a kind recipes and taking the photos for it, they have been merged on my other site. I only moved them back to YUM with the hopes of taking the time to start it again but I just lost my voice for it. My content was personal in nature, discussing my family, trips, reviews paid sponsor content, all things my voice.

Brands I worked with: McCormic, Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, Betty Crocker, Mac N Mo’s, Sav-a-Lot, Kiss Me Organics, Yogi Tea, Kroger, Clean Eating, Lean Cuisine, Morning Star, Cindy Crawford, Buitoni, Slim Fast, Chewy (pets), Blue Bunny, Aveeno, and so much more.

Affiliates, Sponsors and Ad Networks: Foodie Blogroll, Alltop, local events, state events, Splendid Spoon, Pinch of Yum/Food Blogger Pro , BlogHer.
Member of Magic Links, Amazon Associates, and Clickbank.

Even published a smoothie cookbook, and even a food bloggers tax guide (former tax accountant.) These are not included, just ways I made money from this brand.

I was very successful with this website but when my ad sponsor filed for bankruptcy and I went through a divorce I lost my zest for it and my writing voice.

Now, I just have other projects and different foodie directions.

I have THOUSANDS of PLR foodie content that I can transfer to you. Some of those came with stock photos and the writer took their own photos. Some of them are on the site but I rewrote them to my voice and they’ve since been moved to my other website. Because I did sort of brand it as a travel as well I can send you travel PLR if you’d like, too.

I will send you a list of over 270 places to join/apply to get paid for blogging. Many of these I used on this very website.

I'll give you all branded files, graphics, and material. All will be scrubbed from all of my accounts.

How does your business make money?

Currently the only money I make from it is Adsense and backfill from a private ad network which isn't even $100 a year. I do have some food themed products (tshirts/mugs/printables) but those have been transferred to my other brand. I will leave the YUMeating branded material on Etsy per the explanation above.

Why are you selling this business?

Unfortunately, I lost my voice due to personal reasons and just never picked it back up again. I tried to do a rebrand and revive it but I've found myself working more on my other website and hand made product business that take up all of my time. My hope is that someone will appreciate the brand and make it something great again.


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