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April 2020 293,183 40,516
March 2020 240,915 35,073
February 2020 212,100 30,763
January 2020 309,034 47,750
December 2019 215,290 38,963
November 2019 229,926 38,949
October 2019 251,336 41,679
September 2019 225,327 35,380
August 2019 220,236 32,617
July 2019 208,006 31,944
June 2019 201,721 31,293
May 2019 266,616 41,185

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Business Description

A marketplace in the freelance industry with huge potential.

The marketplace connects freelancers with local gig opportunities. We sell memberships of R$35 and R$60 per month to the freelancers. We have about 250 paying customers.

The freelance industry is a stable growing industry and Brazil is a large country with about 25 million freelancers. This opportunity provides access to a market with a lot of potential. Because of the recurring business model and nature of the business (it's a two sided marketplace with organic growth) the revenue can only go up.

Our team consists of 1 programmer in the Netherlands who is in charge of running the technical side of multiple websites. The website Freelancer.com.br doesn't require much time as it basically runs on its own. We have 1 customer service representative in Sao Paulo, Julia. She works 16 hours per week for the platform at about R$40 per hour, which is about $400 a month. She approves projects and works on new posts on social media and our blog. She uses the articles from our Dutch website, written by one of our text writers, and translates these to Portugese. We have 3700 followers on Facebook and 800 on Instagram.

Next to the team we have the server which costs at about $175 per month.

The website makes about $15000 per year in profit with 1 hour of management per week to answer some questions from Julia or the programmer or request a funds withdrawal into your bank account. We process transactions with EBANX. This is a Brazilian payment provider that takes about 4% of every transaction.

The site has a lot of untapped potential. For instance we don't accept Debit Cards yet, and 60% of the Brazilians use Debit Card instead of Credit Cards. This will boost the conversion rate. You could start working with another payment provider that supports Debit Cards, like PagBrasil (we were about to sign a contract before we decided to look for a buyer). We don't invest a lot in marketing and SEO, because we need the budget and time / effort for other projects. There is still huge potential there for a driven experienced online marketer. The database can be monetized further as we never sold anything actively and have no email autoresponder yet or any email marketing. We don't advertise, which is another income opportunity. With AdSense you could probably increase revenue instantly (we have fairly high amount of pageviews)

The reason for selling is we have so many ongoing projects and really need to focus. We could use the money for our other projects. The new owner could take the site to the next level.

I am happy to answer all of your questions, so let me know if you're interested and we go from there!

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The reason for selling is we have so many ongoing projects and really need to focus. We could use the money for our other projects. The new owner could take the site to the next level.


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