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Multiple 1.6x
Growing Multi niche amazon affiliate blog with high-quality SEO optimized 122k+ words content.
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Recent Performance

Month Pageviews Users
March 2020 11,713 9,468
February 2020 6,275 5,202
January 2020 6,044 5,023
December 2019 9,060 4,456
November 2019 13,046 5,279
October 2019 11,915 4,972
September 2019 11,038 4,616
August 2019 10,828 4,440
July 2019 8,132 3,335
June 2019 5,843 2,519
May 2019 1,719 689
April 2019 1,499 505

Note: Traffic data was provided on 28 April 2020. Enquire for more recent data.

Business Description

It was made in Jan 2018 by the previous owner and he builds on a nice powerful expired domain and I bought this site in Jan.

It has HUGE potential for anyone willing to put in the work to redesign the website and CRO for better conversions. I really don't have time to change it's design otherwise if it's designed looks like more professional it can bring more sales and revenue.

Over 100 posts (20% review +80% info) with a total of 122,000 words.

Average Daily Organic traffic of 366 visits.

I bought this site to make this site and authority site but i am more successful in leag generation business so i want to focus there and Its a multi-niche so you can cover new topics and rank more keywords and generate more income.

Amazon affiliate right now but you can put ezoic ads to add $100 more per month. you can generate more money by putting amazon Australia because it also gets visitors from there see in the screenshot I attached.

Oct 134
Nov 119
Dec - $97
Jan - $147
Feb - $277
Mar - $541
28 Apr - $221

£19 in Feb
£47 in March
£50 in April till 28

$7CA in Feb
$48CA in march
$67CA til 28 April

L6M Average Total (US + UK+ Can) = $249

L3M Average Total (US + UK+ Can) = $427

How does your business make money?

amazon affiliate

Why are you selling this business?

I bought this site to work on this but with time I have other business of lead generation in which I feel more comfortable and have the interest to put my more efforts so that's why I am selling.


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Arslan Naveed

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