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Radio Upgrade sells premium audio solutions for customer’s that want factory fit and finish in a full featured car audio
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April 2021 24,494 12,225
March 2021 29,668 14,308
February 2021 21,930 11,291
January 2021 24,443 12,133
December 2020 23,950 11,351
November 2020 21,652 10,731
October 2020 22,439 11,343
September 2020 23,284 11,417
August 2020 24,867 12,091
July 2020 25,541 12,846
June 2020 23,154 10,817
May 2020 24,841 11,365

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Business Description

Radio Upgrade has a long history of providing premium features to customers who own vehicles with basic audio systems. Our radios feature the most in demand upgrades with several optional add-ons as well.

All of our radios feature:
• Fully Plug-and-Play installation (no wire cutting)
• Regularly Updated built-in Navigation (free updates)
• Factory Steering Wheel control Integration (if equipped)
• Capacitive Touchscreen
• CD/DVD Playback
• Bluetooth Phone Calls
• Bluetooth Music Streaming
• AM/FM Radio
• Built-in Wi-Fi for adding apps
• SD/USB Music and Video streaming

Optional Upsells:
• Apple CarPlay
• Android Auto
• Backup Cameras
• Dash Mount DVRs
• Full Line of Vehicle Specific Speaker Boxes

We currently generate ALL of our traffic organically, with $0 in ad spend. I have not had an ad budget since early 2018! We have a huge following on a few different truck forums and feature prominently on google search results.

Primarily, expenses are limited to COGS and shipping. Other cost of business expenses are incurred as they are for any online business, merchant fees, a few different hosting fees, etc, make up a very small percentage of expenses. Listed expenses in the last year include approx. $14,000 of improvements to current owner’s facility (facility is NOT included in sale, nor is it available for purchase), so you should see immediate improvement to the already impressive bottom line!

How does your business make money?

We make money by drop shipping vehicle specific car stereo upgrades to customers all over the world. I do not hold inventory, and regularly operate this company from the road. I travel extensively for my other business, and this has always been easy to operate in a couple hours from anywhere with internet access!

Why are you selling this business?

I am selling this business because my other business has become massive. When I decided to do both, I owned a local window cleaning and pressure washing franchise in central Texas. I am now the CEO of the largest franchise brand in the industry and oversee 213 franchises in 22 states covering 14,000 cities. I do not have time to spend on this anymore, and will not be able to even pretend to focus on it any time in the foreseeable future.




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Zach Ventresca

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Austin, TX based entrepreneur that is looking to expand my business portfolio.