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Service provider for various products and online services with several domains related to industry.
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Facts and Figures

United States
Date of Founding
Full-Time Staff
1 to 10
Annual Revenue
Annual Expenses
Annual Net Profit
Evidence of Revenue
Note: Where the business is less than 12 months old the annualized data represents total sales for the period of operation.

Recent Performance

Month February 2019 March 2019 April 2019
Revenue $50,000 $35,000 $25,000
Expenses $7,000 $3,000 $3,000
Net Profit $43,000 $32,000 $22,000

Business Description

We sell services and products by advertising online and taking order over phones which gives an edge to reps to up sell additional services and products related to query. Our major targeted markets are US and Canada. However we have ranking on search engines worldwide.

How does your business make money?

We sell products and services from India to our US and Canadian customers. In the case of services, we provide services from India which in turn yields more profit as costing goes down and also the efficiency of techs and customer service is better. Better support and services result in returning customer making an easy scope of reoccurring revenues.

Why should someone buy this business?

We can just think of business profits where we get a month' fixed expense just by sales of one day and also this business can be explored in countries that have far less competition and that makes them cost effective resulting higher returns and if taken care of properly. Also profit ratios of the business can be sky high with a minimum return of 1:10 this can be documented in paperwork as well. For eg: If we take contract for designing a website of 2 to 3 pages which is minimum of $1000 that gives us a profit around $900 because since we have in house designer and developer and it costs around $20 to $50 and office resources cost being $50 on a very high end.
This business has assets of at least $90000 including a property in the capital of India. Also a TM by name of ITS IT PLACE with logo

How can the future owner improve this business?

Planning to move for networking business as well which is a great scope of business because new software may stop to develop however computers still need to networked to work on old software and IF someone has resources in place new marketplaces and audience can be targeted depending on how much is buyer willing to put in to grow business. I will love to see this business reaching peaks so I will be putting all my expertise of 15 years of experience with the buyer.
I have some new ideas to generate revenue but those require pretty good investment however ROI will be pretty good and capital investment can be earned maximum within the time of 6 months no more than that. That will be shared with business on negotiating terms.

Why are you selling this business?

Well being very frank I am a epileptic since I was was 5 that means for 27 years and doing night shifts don't keep me well and also I don't have sufficient resources and finances to put in business and will be getting married soon so working in night shifts will not be possible for me to keep up my personal life. On top of it, this business requires certain resources which I don't have. Also as if I will expand it more investment which will be needed to put in business that's something I can't do at this moment. But at the same time, I will love my business to go to new heights and be a trendsetter.

Business Strengths

  • High Profit Margins
  • Length of Operation in Niche
  • Lots of Repeat Customers
  • Scalable Business Model
  • Overall Market Size

Opportunities for a new owner

  • Launch New Products
  • Start Selling into New Markets
  • Capitalise on the Emerging Market

Key day-to-day operations

  • Managing Staff
  • Customer Support / Service
  • Reporting
  • Website Maintenance
  • Adwords Maintenance


  • Google Adwords
  • SEM
  • SEO


  • Customer databases
  • Domains
  • Hosting accounts
  • Marketing materials and collateral
  • Registered trademarks
  • Relevant email accounts
  • Social media accounts
  • Toll-free numbers
  • e-Commerce platform accounts
  • Google Adwords

Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.



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