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2 Websites - B2B Wholesale Site & B2C Design Studio Platform are for sale. It's completely finished web assets and solution for a new business. Be competitive online from day one.!
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Business Description

First of all it's an online catalogue and it's just can't be compared to printed one. It has more images, more detailed descriptions, products are easier to find and customers can place an order without contacting your business sales team. Prices for services are being calculated automatically, based on many variables. It also helps to tell the price to customers over the phone. The employees can use website (specifically services page) while speaking to customer to give final price while still on the phone, which drastically increase chances to confirm the order. Due to custom nature of our business "Custom T-Shirt Printing" orders with sum less than €100 are a big risk for further business development and expansion. You always can say "No", but it's the easiest way to deal with it and easiest way just can't be good. Our design studio software created especially for that - retail. Now small custom t-shirts orders doesn't take that much time, that it would make it any risk...

How does your business make money?

E-commerce beunique.ie should focus on both B2C and B2B blank apparel (products) sales (real profit is in large quantity exports to other European Union countries). Services should be focused on B2B because of much work involved before confirming orders for new customers (local and sport clubs, corporate and local businesses, charity organizations, colleges and their students, drop shippers and so on). To design studio design your own.ie should be forwarded all B2C customers who're looking to order services (t-shirt printing) from e-commerce (beunique.ie) because of the automated ordering process.

Why should someone buy this business?

Two websites must be sold as one selling platform. It was created in mind to work together and help run the business much more efficient and generate a larger profit margin. It helps to filter B2C from B2B customers. The e-commerce (beunique.ie) is focused on B2B customers. The design studio (designyourown.ie) is focused on B2C customers. It was all done by one person, so you will see a consistency in both sites. The websites are being sold only as a website. Not as a business. That means no company, it's accounting, inventory and credits are involved in a sell. It's a fresh and quick start for a buyer who's looking to start a new business.

How can the future owner improve this business?

Everything that is on the website is up-to-date and there is no need to change anything except the prices of the products to start trading and taking care of it to make it much larger and more popular. For a B2C part of a business (designyourown.ie), the new owner should focus on purchasing DTG printer and setting up small production shops in every European Country possible to reduce shipping costs and increase profits. If this investment is too big for a new owner then he should focus on searching for third party companies that do DTG printing in every European Country possible and trade only in drop shipping method until the new owner will have enough funds to purchase it's own DTG printers. That's the road new owner should take to become competitive in Europe B2C market.

Why are you selling this business?

From 2013 to 2015 I have been running this business. I was doing everything: from accounting to production. I was working mad hours daily, on weekends and holidays. I was every possible employee in the company. I know what it takes to run this kind of business. I had to leave the country (Ireland) and sell all the equipment in a hurry because I was enlisted in compulsory military service in my motherland. Everything I had left was a website that hadn't been even close to something I had envisioned when I was running a business. It took me at least 3 years to take it to the next level; the level that I had envisioned. I would never found that much time needed to finish it if I had to run the business. But now it's past tense cause it's finished and ready to go. The website has been moved from company domain name to neutral domain names a few years ago, so they could fit anyone needs. Words containing domain names are 'be unique' & 'design your own'. The website has .ie domain names.

Business Strengths

  • Evergreen Niche
  • High levels of Automation
  • High Profit Margins
  • Outsourced Order Fulfilment
  • Outsourced Technical Operations

Opportunities for a new owner

  • Launch New Products
  • Introduce Further Revenue Streams
  • Advance or Explore Retail / Distribution Partnerships

Key day-to-day operations

  • Customer Support / Service
  • Design & Production
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Product Sourcing and Design


  • Email Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • SEO




  • Brand assets
  • Customer databases
  • Domains
  • Hosting accounts
  • Relevant email accounts
  • Social media accounts
  • Website files, source code and content
  • e-Commerce platform accounts
  • Google Adwords

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