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MrSkinnyPants is a high-traffic blog which receives 60,000+ pageviews and 1,200+ new email subscribers every month.
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Month Pageviews Users
February 2020 93,061 29,955
January 2020 127,044 39,952
December 2019 63,332 20,341
November 2019 86,840 27,651
October 2019 117,320 35,776
September 2019 121,490 36,369
August 2019 131,654 39,946
July 2019 176,715 54,217
June 2019 176,507 54,931
May 2019 202,833 62,773
April 2019 205,597 65,238
March 2019 207,813 65,382

Note: Traffic data was provided on 11 March 2020. Enquire for more recent data.

Business Description

Mr. SkinnyPants is a low carb blog mostly focused on low carb fast food ideas and low carb recipes.

It gets a ton of search traffic every month on autopilot.

People come to the site and subscribe to the email list to get low carb fast food menus and low carb recipes.

There is autoresponder sequence that sends them new recipes and fast food ideas 2x per week. This is all automated.

Every once and awhile, I send my email list a broadcast email and pitch them on 1-on-1 online weight loss coaching with me ($1800-$5800 packages) or a low ticket e-book ($29).

If you've always wanted to be a health coach, nutrition coach, or weight loss coach, this is the opportunity for you to become a 6-figure earner.

The leads are already there. I have a 28,000 person email list with over 1000 new subscribers coming in every month.

Beyond offering 1-on-1 coaching and my e-book as I've done, the new owner can place display ads on the site and sell other e-books and information products in the low carb space.

The site is currently under-monetized.

Producing new content can also help boost pageviews and email subscriptions.

I haven't posted new blog content to the site in over a year as I've been too busy earning money from existing email leads.

How does your business make money?

We make money from selling 1-on-1 online weight loss coaching and we sell an e-book.

All the leads come directly from the website.

Why are you selling this business?

I want to start an energy healing and ailment healing business based on new healing skills I've learned.




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Ryan Luedecke

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United States

I'm on the sole owner and operator of Mr. Skinnypants -- a high traffic low carb blog which collects 1,300+ new email subscribers a month from which I turned those into a 6-figure online weight loss coaching business.