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Hawley's Best Sellers Corporation

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Sports and Outdoor


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Multiple 2.2x

+ $100,000 Inventory

Hawley's Best Sellers is an Amazon FBA third party seller primarily in the Billiards and Gameroom supplies categories.
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United States
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Recent Performance

Month Pageviews Users
January 2020 5,445 1,433
December 2019 4,262 1,248
November 2019 4,401 1,380
October 2019 3,633 1,097
September 2019 3,588 1,060
August 2019 3,591 997
July 2019 2,520 821
June 2019 2,800 936
May 2019 4,826 1,325
April 2019 4,529 1,199
March 2019 5,113 1,609
February 2019 4,643 1,262

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Business Description

Hawley's Best Sellers began in January 2015 as a way in which to invest some savings in manner that would generate a greater return than a bank savings account. The return on our investment grew quite rapidly as we found Amazon listings and created new Amazon listings for products that we could acquire from our network of manufacturers in our industry at wholesale prices.

Of course, we tried to identify and acquire products that would sell relatively quickly through Amazon's web pages and warehouses.

It is a simple business, in that we acquire cases of products from the manufacturers, package the products for individual resale, place barcode labels on each package and send them to an Amazon warehouse.

Amazon.com generates sales to individuals throughout North America and fulfills the orders from our product which is stocked in Amazon's warehouses throughout the country.

How does your business make money?

Amazon deposits the sales price of the products that are sold minus their 15% commission and pick and pack fees into our account with them. We then instruct them to direct deposit the amounts accumulated in our account on a periodic basis, approximately weekly.

From an analysis of the product's wholesale price and its relative popularity on Amazon's ranking, we are able to determine with confidence that the products that we elect to purchase and ship to Amazon will sell well and make a significant return on our investment in almost every case.

Why are you selling this business?

I am 67 years old and am wishing to retire and possibly move to a different country.




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United States

Walter Hawley has 40+ years of varied business experience, including 7 years with a Big 4 Accounting/Consulting firm, 7 years as Financial Manager for private Dallas family, 20+ years as an independent owner of several businesses in the restaurant, bar, transportation and internet marketing industries.