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Boutique digital marketing agency and official member of the Forbes Council that has helped to generate $250M+ in sales for their clients using facebook and instagram ads.
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United States
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10 to 50
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Business Description

Digital advertising agency that helps businesses sell more products/services using facebook and instagram ads. It earns retainer fees and ad spend commissions. It was formally started as a supplemental income back in 2013, but became fully operational and launched as the current brand in its current model in the middle of 2017.

How does your business make money?

The agency makes money by charging a monthly retainer and a percentage of ad spend

Why should someone buy this business?

-Average lifetime value: $66,000 per client
-Current clients have been with the agency between 9-18 months
-Customer acquisition is 100% organic from content marketing, customer referrals and web traffic
-Low client churn

How can the future owner improve this business?

If the new owner can dedicate more time and resources to building out more sale and marketing channels like SEO, Google Ads, LinkedIn organic and paid Ads, conference/seminar speak and sponsorships, direct mail and bring on a small sales team, in addition to the continuation of the activity within the Facebook Ad Buyers Job Board I can see the agency growth being very fast!

Why are you selling this business?

I have loved running the business however, my partners and I also have other passion projects that we now feel more drawn to pursue. We feel that it’s really important the business has a new owner, with fresh vision, passion and capacity to take the growth to the next level. For this reason we decided the best course of action is to sell.

Business Strengths

  • High Barrier of Entry to Market
  • High Profit Margins
  • Lots of Repeat Customers

Opportunities for a new owner

  • Improve Current Marketing Efforts


Remote team of 13 US based employees

Our customer support is handled directly by our account managers. They use weekly meetings, weekly reporting as well as real-time communication via SLACK to handle all customer support and client growth communication.

We are well known in our industry for producing ultra high performing advertising campaigns that have allowed us to beat out several of the aforementioned agencies. Our founder was invited to become a Forbes Councils members.

Currently 20-30 hours per week. Responsibilities include:
Account Health Monitoring
Overall oversight on the business


The typical customers who we work with are high growth E-commerce brands and we have also provide lead generation in the real estate niche.


We have developed proprietary ad strategies that we are able to quickly replicate and deploy with new clients to quickly get amazing results and this has been reflected in the $250,000,000+ in revenue generated for our clients. The website cart uses Squarespace so making changes and adding additional functionality is as easy as installing additional plugins.

Seller Notes

We are selling all of our proprietary internal ad strategies and a white label SaaS product.

All the agencies intellectual property (systems, processes, proprietary Facebook/instagram ad strategies that we have spent years developing), Domains, Our social media pages, as well as our referral relationships, all contracts and documentation, etc.


  • Domains
  • Policy and Process documents
  • Relevant email accounts
  • Social media accounts

Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.



United States