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Emmy and Dove is a handmade clothing brand for little girls that uses fashion to empower, inspire and educate the next generation of women.
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United States
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Recent Performance

Month February 2019 March 2019 April 2019
Revenue $2,973 $3,134 $4,270
Expenses $959 $248 $1,946
Net Profit $2,014 $2,886 $2,324
Month March 2019 April 2019 May 2019
Pageviews 10,043 12,306 4,369
Users 1,984 2,575 872

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Business Description

We are a children's clothing brand, creating twirl dresses, knee high socks and other fun clothing styles for little girls at every stage of childhood. Right now everything is produced by either myself, or other women working from home as independent seamstresses. It's a part of our brand that is important to our customers.

How does your business make money?

We make money from selling our clothing online. We market directly to our customers through social media and email and enjoy a high level of loyal, repeat customers who love our brand and the girl power it represents.

Why should someone buy this business?

This business is perfect for somebody passionate about inspiring young girls and hoping to break into the children's fashion market. This business is not just a website, it's a brand. Our brand is well established and inspires girl power through our high-quality children's apparel.

Buying this business gives you an established platform and customer base, which has been experiencing heavy, sustainable growth for the last year.

How can the future owner improve this business?

The next owner can improve this business by having exclusive fabric designs created for the brand and moving to a ready to ship, inventory model, thereby increasing the ability for higher order volumes. It would reduce the cost to order custom designed fabric in bulk and increase new customer acquisition if customers can purchase without a turnaround time.

Our clothing is handmade currently, something that I feel is important to our customer base. We have a network of seamstresses who have been vetted and tested for quality ready to work for the new owners.

Why are you selling this business?

I am selling this business for one reason. I am attending Law School in the fall and do not want to sacrifice the integrity of the business in trying to do both. If I were able to continue to manage the business as well, I absolutely would, because I am positive this is going to be the biggest year yet. Flippa has valued this business between 65K and 72K. We are selling for significantly less than that, in order to facilitate a quick sale to a worthy buyer who sees our business for what it is--a way to use children's fashion to positively affect the lives of little girls.

Business Strengths

  • Brand and Community Loyalty
  • Customer Service
  • Scalable Business Model
  • The Business Is Currently Growing
  • Well Established and Unique Brand

Opportunities for a new owner

  • Launch New Products
  • Capitalise on the Emerging Market
  • Advance or Explore Retail / Distribution Partnerships

Key day-to-day operations

  • Customer Support / Service
  • Design & Production
  • Managing Inventory
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Product photography


  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Community Management
  • Word of Mouth


  • Brand assets
  • Customer databases
  • Domains
  • Existing manufacturing relationships
  • Inventory on hand or on order at the time of closing
  • Marketing materials and collateral
  • Social media accounts
  • Website files, source code and content
  • e-Commerce platform accounts
  • Google Adwords

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About the Seller

Rachel Cooke

United States

Rachel is a mother of three. She has two bachelors degrees, one in Philosophy and one in Classical Studies. She has been sewing since she was 5. Rachel will be starting law school in the fall to become a human rights lawyer. Rachel has spent a great deal of her life thus far fighting for equality, human rights and hoping to inspire young girls to become compassionate, empathetic, strong women.