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KPopVibe is a dropshipping business that focuses on selling KPoP merchandises to our KPOP fans.
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Recent Performance

Month Pageviews Users
December 2019 173,398 24,643
November 2019 149,953 20,847
October 2019 117,712 15,821
September 2019 118,061 15,637
August 2019 155,163 21,329
July 2019 144,101 18,172
June 2019 188,610 23,157
May 2019 257,813 29,764
April 2019 250,004 31,903
March 2019 293,202 35,363
February 2019 374,589 45,834
January 2019 477,058 52,997

Note: Traffic data was provided on 19 January 2020. Enquire for more recent data.

Business Description

KPopVibe store was established in November 2017 by 2 brothers who were very eager to try and test drop shipping. After several month of research we decided to focus on selling Kpop merchandises including Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Joggers and Accessories. This site has more potential of making more revenue and profits by proper advertising channel and adding more KPop groups merch.

If you don't know, KPop is an abbreviation for Korean Pop Music. It is a genre originating from South Korea.

The business currently has 34,000 email subscribers which are mostly located in US and Canada and has 158,000 real followers on instagram

How does your business make money?

This business makes revenue by selling KPop merchandises. To do that we do lots of advertisement of Instagram which has proven to be effective along with email marketing (that consist of 34,000 subscribers).

Why are you selling this business?

We have had overwhelming success during the first year and the business needs to grow as it has lots of potential and we just don't have the time nor resources to scale.


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Ali Mahdi