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Mirror Mirror Eating Disorder Help

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Multiple 5.3x
Well-known website providing information and help to those suffering from eating disorders.
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December 2019 72,800 51,477
November 2019 87,888 60,888
October 2019 102,599 70,448
September 2019 68,401 48,869
August 2019 52,659 38,090
July 2019 56,435 41,055
June 2019 65,091 45,875
May 2019 152,797 105,592
April 2019 173,507 117,715
March 2019 168,706 115,570
February 2019 123,605 85,956
January 2019 107,890 75,182

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Business Description

This is an informational website written by experts in the eating disorder field. It provides help, as well as resources, to those suffering from eating disorders, and their loved ones.

The business generates most of its revenue from advertisers. I have not done any solicitation of advertisers, they have all come to me. An aggressive person with marketing skills could substantially increase the revenue. Most of the advertisers are eating disorder treatment centers.

How does your business make money?

Currently, the business makes most of its money from treatment centers that advertise on the website. There is a lot of room for growth and other forms of monetization.

There are also some affiliate links for books from amazon.

The website also has pay-per-call on one page for people that need help finding a therapist. Each sale generates $37.50. It makes one sale every month or two.

A potential opportunity for revenue is a pay-per-call program for treatment centers. This is very popular with addiction websites, and could be a huge revenue addition. You could also allow sponsors or premium advertisers.

Another potential opportunity to increase the revenue would be to have a paid listing for psychologists, psychologists, and dietitians that specialize in eating disorders.

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