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Monii Garmenx Is a profitable, fashionable accessories online store. Do you want something stylish and exciting?
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Month June 2019 July 2019
Revenue $360 $904
Expenses $0 $399
Net Profit $360 $505
Month Pageviews Users
December 2019 200 88
November 2019 369 97
October 2019 254 59
September 2019 213 160
August 2019 1,378 554
July 2019 5,782 1,933
June 2019 1,588 463
May 2019 633 188
April 2019 928 236
March 2019 1,737 406
February 2019 0 0
January 2019 0 0

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Business Description

The essence of Monii Garmenx is embodied in the freedom of luxury since 2018. This luxurious, creative and irreverent intersection of New York Culture and Sophisticated Performance yielded Monii Garmenx - an enduring and iconic brand of timepieces epitomized by the Curren watch & etc.
The business delivers within the U.S. and Canada, and has a 3% conversion rate to start. The plan is at a low cost for about $31 each month just to start. There are two domains and you have options to buy either one of the domains, each domain cost is $14 each to renew for the whole year. they have incorporated advertising platform within Shopify itself to make it even easier to get customers.

How does your business make money?

We buy from a variety of vendors sort of hand picked certain fashionable, luxury items and advertise those specific items to bring in customers to buy our jewelry, watches, and sunglasses. Also, we are drop shipping our luxury jewelry, watches, and sunglasses for less as oppose to our competitors.

Why are you selling this business?

As the owner I can no longer dedicate myself (time, effort, & etc.) towards the business. The most obvious choice is to sell the business to someone who can do so.


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