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Doruya is a dropshipping site selling cute stationary from Asia to consumers in North America.
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Month September 2019 October 2019 November 2019 December 2019
Revenue $78 $11 $0 $17
Expenses $131 $69 $0 $30
Net Profit -$53 -$58 $0 -$13
Month Pageviews Users
December 2019 822 364
November 2019 327 116
October 2019 1,922 359
September 2019 5,493 1,816
August 2019 5,809 947
July 2019 1,351 97
June 2019 1,573 269
May 2019 621 85
April 2019 302 30
March 2019 268 33
February 2019 374 26
January 2019 336 21

Note: Traffic data was provided on 05 January 2020. Enquire for more recent data.

Business Description

Doruya dropships "Cute Japanese" stationary from Asia towards North American consumers.

Doruya was established the summer of 2018 and officially opened shop in September 2019.

During the one year it took to open shop, I spent countless hours on the design, marketing, and curating of items. You can clearly see that this is not your average "starter site" that you can find on Flippa.

The site uses a shopify template, however it has been heavily coded over for customer ease and so it DOESN'T look like a template and has many unique features not found in any templates.

The site has blog posts (I have many I haven't posted yet), a tracking & returns system, and a facebook, instagram, and pinterest account. I also use Tidio to speak with customers via live chat. All these assets (including branding) will be transferred to you.

Note that costs do not include monthly shopify costs/fees.

How does your business make money?

We use the dropship model to make money. Essentially, we serve as a middle person between Aliexpress and the buyer. We basically rebrand items from Aliexpress, and sell it at a higher price to the customer. The attractiveness of our store (and in my opinion what the customers are paying for) is the branding, customer support, and curation of items. Note that items do not HAVE to come from Aliexpress.

Why are you selling this business?

I am selling this business as I simply do not have the time to manage it anymore. I worked on it for a year before opening up shop, and since then, it has been operating for 4 months (excluding the hiatus in November). During those months (as you can see from the sporadic costs and income), I struggled with curating items, managing the social media, and creating ads every week. This is a business that takes 5-10 hours a week. There is obviously a lot of potential for this site, however profit is only possible if you put in the adequate time and effort Doruya demands.


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