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Upbeet Foods Inc.

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Food and Drink


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Multiple 3.8x
Upbeet Foods is a profitable plant based meal delivery & catering service with an SEO-enhanced e-commerce website
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December 2019 5,088 1,015
November 2019 6,487 1,182
October 2019 5,639 1,186
September 2019 4,964 1,186
August 2019 5,013 913
July 2019 4,719 988
June 2019 4,714 741
May 2019 5,611 1,039
April 2019 5,146 855
March 2019 4,547 858
February 2019 4,941 1,033
January 2019 5,986 1,314

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Business Description

Upbeet Foods is the leading plant based meal delivery and catering company in Toronto, serving downtown and the GTA since 2017. Our subscription model service provides weekly prepared meals, with a particular focus on plant based and gluten-free cuisine. We have an extensive and diverse client base, ranging from vegan to carnivore, who value nutrition, flavour and convenience. As one of the top plant based caterers in Toronto, we offer a specific niche in the market that has not yet been tapped into by competitors and therefore holds powerful SEO. Our beautiful website has a user friendly e-commerce functionality, full back end system & CMS, and SEO enhancement team.

How does your business make money?

We generate revenue from selling nutritious, plant based, prepared meals and full service catering for corporate and private events. Our prepared meal plan subscriptions offer flexibility and convenience, renewing automatically each pay period (weekly or monthly). We have a rotating menu of over 150 meals, which provides optimal variety and eclectic flavour profiles for all customers to choose from. Meals are delivered twice weekly to your home or office, ready-to-eat. Our plant based catering offers services for weddings, corporate events and private events. We work with customers to create customized menus that bring their vision to life, from passed hors d'oeuvres to family style dinner.

Why are you selling this business?

The owner is moving countries.


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