Business Name

Milton Douglas Lamp Co.

Business Model
Home and Garden


Asking Price
Multiple 2.3x

+ $3,630 Inventory

Amazon FBA Store selling lamp parts
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Facts and Figures

United States
Date of Founding
Full-Time Staff
Owner Operated
Annual Revenue
Annual Expenses
Annual Net Profit
Profit and Loss
Evidence of Revenue
Note: Where the business is less than 12 months old the annualized data represents total sales for the period of operation.

Recent Performance

Month January 2019 February 2019 March 2019
Revenue $15,957 $16,910 $17,333
Expenses $12,910 $13,259 $13,179
Net Profit $3,047 $3,651 $4,154

Business Description

Milton Do is an Amazon FBA Store that sells lamp parts operates in the Home and Garden industry. Founded in 2012 in United States, this business currently enjoys Annual Revenue of $111,351 and delivers Annual Net Profit of $32,739. We source lamp parts in bulk through a USA based manufacturer/distributor, repackage those parts and ship them to amazon for sale and fulfillment by Amazon.

How does your business make money?

We make money from selling lamp parts on Amazon though FBA

Why should someone buy this business?

I have spent the past 6 years building this business and brand into what it is today. Currently we maintain a 4.9 Star rating on Amazon with over 660 lifetime ratings. The business is currently growing with increasing revenues, with revenue steady or increasing all year long.

How can the future owner improve this business?

There are opportunities for growth in expending product lines and adding new product types.

Why are you selling this business?

I am selling the business to pay off current loans and pursue other ventures.

Business Strengths

  • Length of Operation in Niche
  • Positive Customer Reviews
  • Strong Recuring Revenue
  • The Business Is Currently Growing
  • Overall Market Size

Opportunities for a new owner

  • Launch New Products
  • Improve Current Marketing Efforts
  • Improve or Outsource Operations

Key day-to-day operations

  • Customer Support / Service
  • Bookkeeping
  • Managing Inventory
  • Order Assembly


  • Amazon PPC




  • Domains
  • Existing manufacturing relationships
  • Inventory on hand or on order at the time of closing
  • Relevant email accounts
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Vendor contacts
  • e-Commerce platform accounts

Post sale support

This is support provided by the seller when transitioning the business to a buyer.


About the Seller

Michael Delmont

Verified Account

United States

Former educator turned stay at home dad.