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Fashion Wig For Women

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Health and Beauty


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Women's Wig Established Dropshipping Store - Making Over $1340/month in last 6 month with a High value Domain!
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Month June 2019 July 2019 August 2019 September 2019 October 2019 November 2019
Revenue $2,505 $3,804 $3,785 $3,482 $3,199 $3,505
Expenses $884 $2,295 $2,243 $2,132 $2,111 $2,573
Net Profit $1,621 $1,509 $1,542 $1,350 $1,088 $932
Month Pageviews Users
November 2019 39,802 33,828
October 2019 44,118 38,411
September 2019 49,895 40,462
August 2019 37,850 30,597
July 2019 34,531 20,527
June 2019 14,904 7,897
May 2019 0 0
April 2019 0 0
March 2019 0 0
February 2019 0 0
January 2019 0 0
December 2018 0 0

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Business Description

Business URL: https://wigwomen.com

Wigwomen.com is a professionally designed dropship store that sells wig for Female. there's Long-term strong demand for this niche .We have only products that are in trend now and that are proven to sell. The fashion niche for wig, especially with this type of hair accessories is A VERY BIG AND PROFITABLE NICHE now .Also the marketing it's much easier than on other niches.We make sure to select only quality products from top suppliers on aliexpress.com.

This store has been launched in Jun 2019 and generated over $20,000 in gross sales and over $8,000 in pure profit.( that's in 6 months time).It can be seen that there is still great profit potential.

This store is based on WordPress and uses Alidropship plugin. This makes it very simple for managing the website even for a NEWBIE. And its much better than shopify because you don't have to pay anything for using the platform and its apps.

How does your business make money?

The store filled with only top-selling products provided by proven suppliers in China. Most of the processes are automated or at least semi-automated, so this store can be easily managed by everyone - no special skills required.

We make money from selling these beauty products that improves lives that people have never seen before. This is the kind of product that makes your customers go "WOW, I need this!".

This is a professional, highly branded store that has one purpose when it comes to selling: to sell something that improves peoples lives, their confidence, their beauty or making them happier in their lives. It's the most feasible market to compete in.

Why are you selling this business?

There are over 30 websites that I manage with my team and we have decided to sell a part of them to fund another project.We create new niche stores like this to test potential products for my main store. We can then sell the store on and offset any monetary and time investment,so we can focus and raise only a couple of websites. giving us the data that I want, and giving you an awesome converting store created by an expert.

It’s a win-win.


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Zhang Haisong


Website design & online marketing expert