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Multiple 6.7x
Parenting Blog making money via sponsored posts. Very easy to operate requires less than 30 minutes a month.
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Expenses $26 $26 $26 $26 $26 $26 $26 $26 $26 $26 $26 $26
Net Profit -$26 $49 -$26 $34 $9 $204 $24 $74 $24 $29 $49 $249
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November 2019 981 375
October 2019 1,143 472
September 2019 1,201 506
August 2019 11,452 5,760
July 2019 628 501
June 2019 605 488
May 2019 623 453
April 2019 537 451
March 2019 616 486
February 2019 560 456
January 2019 737 539
December 2018 734 577

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Business Description

This is parenting/family-focused blog that makes money today by selling sponsored posts. I've done no reach out companies find us and I only accept quality articles to post. Prices are generally $20-$75 per post. The buyer will get access to all previous customers' contact info. Buyer will also get 2 additional sites:
ParentingHouse.com and NewParentingAdvice.com which I acquired but not have put any time or effort into.

There is a ton of opportunity to add affiliate links or your own online store.

How does your business make money?

Sponsored Posts

There is a ton of opportunity to add affiliate links or your own online store.

Why are you selling this business?

I just launched two startups and I run an agency. I have no time for this business.


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Michael Wienick

Verified Account

United States

I’m an investor, operator, and entrepreneur with four successful exits.

Most recently I launched, grew, and sold CurvedLine an outsourced sales development company.

Prior to CurvedLine, I was the COO of SwellPath, a digital marketing agency based in Portland, OR. SwellPath specialized in SEM, Analytics, and Site Optimization. At SwellPath, I managed the service and account management teams while working with SwellPath’s CEO to drive overall company strategy, tactics, and culture. SwellPath was acquired by 6D Global Technologies in March 2015.

Prior to SwellPath, I held various roles at Reply! Inc (now known as BuyerLink), a VC-backed advertising technology company. These roles included EVP of Reply! working with the C-Team to drive overall company strategy and GM MerchantCircle, an internet brand with ~11 million website visitors a month. I was responsible for MerchantCircle’s P&L and all MerchantCircle teams including sales, marketing, business development, finance, product, and engineering. At Reply! I also held the role of VP marketing, managing the paid media team ($30M a year budget) and the company’s SEO efforts.

I arrived at Reply! via QualitySmith, a 40-person, $10-million a year home improvement lead generation company, acquired by Reply! in May 2012. I worked my way up at QualitySmith from a marketing associate to company President within two years of my initial hire and was the first person on the ground in Portland, Oregon. The Portland office quickly outgrew my living room and eventually became the company’s Sales and Marketing hub with over 50% of QualitySmith’s employees working out of the Portland location.

I also led the restructuring of QualitySmith’s inside sales team bringing on new management, growing it to a team of 10, and revamping the sales strategy, process, tools, and compensation plan.

Most importantly I aligned the sales, marketing, business development, account management, product, engineering, customer service, and finance teams on a very specific set of goals and priorities. This intense focus reenergized the company and helped the investors and employees realize a successful exit.

My active leadership at QualitySmith not only grew the business but also won accolades. In October 2011, Willamette Week (a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper) named me Portland’s Best Boss.

Before QualitySmith, I held a variety of management, marketing, and sales roles. I also launched, grew, and successfully sold an e-commerce company.

Today I provide consulting around sales, marketing, and operations. I also make angel investments, and I am an active equity and options trader.

I currently live in San Diego, CA with my wife, daughter, son, and two dogs.