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Studio Ten is primarily an SEO/online marketing company but could quite easily utilise other products and services that are shown on the website. I have connections with developers in the UK, USA, India and Australia for any development work that could be needed. The URL is 18 years old, business model is subscription based monthly SEO packages, one-off copywriting work and web or app development is a possibility. We have a London (UK) address (mail box), but this is a business that can be based anywhere in the world. I am the founder and director, my wife is also a director. We are not selling Studio Ten Online Marketing Ltd as we are running our other business ventures through this, the P&L shown is from the SEO/Studio Ten website side only and is the most profitable.


The customer journey and process will be explained, but in most cases, it's customer contacts, contract is signed, invoice is paid, website setup and fixes implemented, then link-building. The link-building is PBN based. Upsells, content, web development can all be added on depending on what the client wants.

Without pushing for more clients, the amount of work is 2-3 hours per day most days, however, I've just had 10 days off to look after my daughter and no problems were had. Emails to clients may be once or twice a week per client, occasionally a monthly phone call, but not always. Then a single monthly report per client, which takes around 10-20 minutes to write.


Clients have ranged from travel websites to ecommerce shops, to large financial loan companies, pharmaceuticals, new tech, SaaS software, and local smaller businesses such as damp proof, building estimation services, carpet cleaners, hotels and almost anything in between.

We gain most customers from word of mouth from clients, if you offer a small one-off discount or ask them directly to refer people to you. We have started cold calling customers using a marketing tool that has brought in quite a few potentials, but it can take time to convert them to customers.

Retention is always 6+ months and often rolls into years - our longest SEO clients were our first 7 years ago (we did 2 years of copywriting) and are still with us now. It can take a few days, weeks or months to confirm a client, but they generally stay for a while once they see results. Clients leave mainly due to web developers making poor choices and ruining a website's traffic or seasonality of a business, or physical business results affecting the company's cashflow. It has never been down to SEO/Studio Ten why a client was lost.


The SEO side of the business, in the best case, can be done within a day for months of subscripiton payments. Only customer service (phone call monthly if required, and weekly emails) and a monthly report is necessary for clients. We will give the new owner a handbook of exactly how to run this business, how to do SEO for any website, how to set up and prepare a website, and what problems and their solutions that may occur. All can be outsourced if required.

It's an 80+% profit margin business. It's easy to scale, the infrastructure can be scaled, all that is needed is a good salesperson to bring in weekly new clients - something which I have lacked at doing and am not a great salesperson. Again, this could be outsourced on a commission basis. We have seen a good response in the past two weeks from cold calling businesses en-masse (details will be explained to the buyer), and 12 potential more clients (included if we can convert them) from a marketing tool we invested in.

This business can be run with a team and expand or as a one-man-band, which it has been for years, with ease.

Seller Notes


The lack of consistency of the business financials is my fault for not having good enough processes in receiving or chasing invoices. We have the option for Stripe credit card payemnts (easy to set up) but it is an area of weakness for me. We have used a debt collection agency once. As it's a subscription/monthly business model, and scalable, it can be quickly made to grow fast. I run other businesses at the same time so cannot commit too much time to Studio Ten, therefore occasionally there is a slackness with payments from clients. There is no seasonality as most people want more traffic and more customers to their website all year round.

I started this business in 2009 as a copywriter for SEO companies with my wife, quickly learning and testing SEO, and opened Studio Ten Online Marketing in 2011. By 2012 we had a Ltd company and my wife stayed on as a director but has no SEO knowledge. It was never meant to be a huge agency, I didn't want to hire staff or have anyone else involved. However, by doing so it could be quickly made into a large business with the right sales team and staff to implement the ethos and processes I will deliver for the sale.



  • 3 months of email support and initial Skype calls
  • A working website and business that is making money immediately
  • Current clients and bio about each one
  • All contacts, past clients and potentials
  • Studio Ten website - custom CMS
  • Infrastructure of how to run the link building campaigns
  • Step by step process of the client journey and how to do SEO

Post sale support

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About the Seller

Daniel Martin

United Kingdom

Daniel is a SEO/Online marketing expert for 9 years, running Studio Ten on his own, successfully found the key to ranking websites easily and progressively, which suits small to large corporations' expectations for a SEO provider. He has single-handedly created this business and it is time to move onto software development which he has just finished building his first one. Daniel has a handful of e-commerce sites and affiliate sites, which he would like to expand, so Studio Ten is making way. It was always his intention to sell a business and now is the best time.