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Saudi Arabia
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Business Description

Daily Sales Record is a popular app for small retail businessmen. You will not find any daily sales tracker app which is simpler to use but easy for business owners who are not tech geeks. This is one of my customers' quote "This is a simple app, it's easy to track my sales, unlike other bulky useless featured apps."



Customer support: About 10 emails per day. If the number of users increases, you might get more emails from new customers.


Customer Profile and Segmentation

Our customers are mainly new startups, retailers, businessmen and women from any age. We kept the app simple so anyone can use the app without any tutorial.

Customer Retention

80% of our customers are using the app on a daily basis



  • Simple to use, user-friendly interface
  • Best User Experience
  • Offline and Online data synchronization
  • Can handle multiple representatives
  • Quick dashboard
  • Invoice Generation
  • Sales Reports


  • Add new features based on customer request
  • Do some marketing
  • There is a huge opportunity to make a good amount of money from this app

Seller Notes

This is one of our best apps we had developed. In the beginning, we had lots of requests to sell the business but we didn't because we love our customers and we want to continuously improve the app. However, we are very busy with our other business. It's an extremely hard decision to sell this business. There is no flaw or decline in sales. Although there is an increase in sales and subscriptions, sadly, we don't have enough time to make this business grow. You can take from here and make a great return out of this business.


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About the Seller

Kazi Ekram

Saudi Arabia

An Indie Developer with experience of 17 years. He has developed more than 100 websites and 60 mobile applications. Most of his developed application are native iOS and Android. He also has multiple businesses running, that's the reason for selling some of his applications to free up time.